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Recommended New Year’s Resolutions

Cruise Line Ad Campaigns

New marketing data shows that price is the number one concern of potential cruise buyers. The New York Times is reporting that Carnival Cruise Line has a new ad campaign showing the advantages of a cruise over several different types of land-based vacations. One ad shows a couple on a camping trip stuck in a […]

What Your Cruise Is Really Going To Cost

When it comes to money matters, it’s not cruise pricing that settles the equation of how much your cruise is going to cost you. One might have thought, a couple of years ago, when the cruise lines put a policy of “flat pricing” in place; basically disallowing travel agents from cutting their commissions to offer […]

OCCUPY Cruises – Bailouts for the 99%

Through my unscientific research, and very questionable systemic anaylsis, we learn that only the top 1% of the population has the means, or contacts necessary, to sail in the top suites onboard a cruise ship.  And of those who have most, have done so on the backs of every other cruiser onboard. We the 99 % are […]

Rules – Which Are Enforced and Which Ignored

Beginning with new rules, established to come into practice in the new year, most of the major cruise lines, have severely restricted or banned smoking in both public and private areas of their ships. This change in indusry policy was made pretty simple because less than 20% of the population still categorize themselves as smokers. […]