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Not Even Close to Everything You Need to Know Before You Cruise

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The time prior to going on your first cruise can be very intimidating. It can seem like there’s so much a person needs to know, and there’s seems to be an unlimited number of places to find the information. It can get to the point where you’ve sourced so much information, you lose track of what’s fact and what’s fiction.

Here, all in one place, I’m going to supply you with absolutely everything you need to know before you go, about your upcoming cruise. Well, that may not be true, but here’s some information.

If you’re going on your first cruise, you’re going to go on a ship. And if you’re going on a ship, you’re going to be on a body of water. And if you’re going to be on a body water, guess what?… it’s going to be fluid.

Shortly after you board the ship, and have had your first lunch onboard, eating the equal of your weight in food for your first meal, a drill will be held to tell you how to react, and what to do should an emergency occur, serious enough for them to consider having everyone abandon ship. They’ll instruct you how an orderly evacuation of the ship would occur if necessary, not just telling you to jump overboard.

This instruction is called the Muster Drill, not mustard drill… which would imply that mustard has some sort of buoyancy properties to assist you when you jump overboard, abandoning the ship.

Sometime during your first day onboard you’ll meet your Cabin Steward; not your Cabin Stewart. Though somewhere, on some ships, there are likely Cabin Stewards whose name is Stewart, the odds of you having them as your steward are slim.

The other important thing to understand from the moment you board, is the drinks the wait staff are wandering around with loaded on their trays are not free, unless you’re sailing on one of the luxury cruise brands who do include alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in the fare.

Some cruise lines do offer their guests a celebratory “welcome aboard” glass of wine or champagne as you cross the gangway. Everywhere else on the ship, the alcoholic drinks, as well as sodas come with a cost. If they pass you a drink, and ask you to sign a check, they are not just interested in your autograph, to keep as a souvenir of meeting you.

Another important tip – unless you’ve booked on a ship chartered for a nude cruise, you will be expected to wear clothing in all public areas on the ship, so you should pack accordingly. That would you require bringing a suitcase with some of your clothing in it. Which clothing you bring is a personal decision. Unless you’ve got a body that would rate a minimum of a 4 on a scale of 1 to 10 at a beauty pageant, for my sake, leave the Speedo at home.

Cruise ships have railings surrounding all outside decks. Their purpose is to let you know where the ship ends, and the ocean or piers begin. I highly recommend not going beyond the points where the ship ends. Doing so would certainly put a damper of your enjoyment of the cruise.

Equipped with the information I’ve supplied you here, you should be able to get through the first couple of hours onboard like a veteran cruiser.

Obviously, after reading this week’s Blog, you’ll understand that if you want real factual information to assist with your cruise experience, you’re going to have to read more serious articles on the topic.

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Comment from The Boat Company Alaska Small Boat Cruise
Time February 23, 2011 at 8:48 am

Having been on cruises before, I believe you have covered the most important pre-cruise instructions. Especially making people aware that the drinks being continuously offered are not in fact free. I learned that the hard way on my first cruise. Wish I had your article to read back then, haha! Thanks for the laugh.

Comment from Steel Drum Tom
Time February 26, 2011 at 2:05 pm

Good stuff. Lol @ cabin Stewart. Never been on a cruise but this little of info bit helps. Prob do my 1st cruise either later this yr or in 2012. Thanks

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