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How To Achieve Great Value For The Cruise $$ You Spend

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No doubt, like most everyone, every time you spend money you want to feel satisfied you got value for your money. There isn’t much that can make us as irritated as feeling as though we’ve spent our hard earned money, and got “less than we paid for”.


Repeatedly you’re told that cruising offers the best value for the money, when it comes to vacations, and I happen to believe that statement holds true. But, what does it really mean?


Determining what receiving “value for your money” means is, after-all, a very personal judgment. The more disposable income one has, it seems reasonable to assume they’d be more willing to spend a bit more on their vacations in an attempt to find a cruise that will reward them with an experience which supplies them with a better experience than if they’d spent less. So the target for satisfying their value judgment can be quite different from those who may have scrimped and saved for years to be able to book their cruise, as their “trip of a lifetime”. And it can be different still for everyone in circumstances in between.


Combining the factors of your budget and of your life experiences are the key to determining what you’ll consider value.


Frankly, and perhaps harshly, if you’re spending money on a cruise that you can’t afford to spend, though you may have a good time on the cruise, I don’t think the value of your cruise vacation will ever match the frustration of the debt, which will last much longer than the vacation. There is no value in the burden and stress of that debt.



I am not, however, saying you have to be rich to cruise. There are exceptional deals to be had on cruises. Particularly while the economy is sluggish, you can still cruise for seven days beginning at prices as low as $499 per person. Of course, there’s plenty of cruises available at higher price points, with almost no limit to how much you can spend.


With cruising there is real value at every price point. Some people try and compare the value of cruises against that of all-inclusive resorts.; probably because they seem to the most similar types of vacations. However, they are truly quite different. No all-inclusive resort can transport you around the world.


The fact that cruise ships are a mode of relaxed transportation (perhaps the most relaxed form of transportation) sets it completely apart from any other type of vacation. Cruises are unique.


In the past the cost of that uniqueness was prohibitive to most everyone except the elite. Today cruising is within the financial reach of everyone who takes a vacation. Compare the cost of even the simplest form of vacation; a camping trip, and you’ll find the cost of a cruise isn’t much higher than the total amount you’d spend for transportation, equipment, and food on a camping trip of equal duration. If your vacation of choice has been more along the lines of staying at Ritz Carlton properties, and dining in high end restaurants, there are cruises which will match that standard.


As stated earlier, there is true value in each and every price point available in the world of cruising. The way to ensure you find, and get to enjoy, that value is to find the price point you are financially comfortable with, and have your psyche set to enjoy all that particular cruise experience has to offer.


With the aide and assistance of an experienced cruise consultant to get you on “the right” cruise, I think it’s actually difficult for you to go on a cruise, return, and feel you didn’t get full value for your money.


– A View From The Kuki Side of Cruising –









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Comment from Kenneth Eden
Time March 23, 2011 at 5:30 am

People do and will spend their hard earned money, lotto won or inherited money and what is worse, money they do not have charged to plastic, with interest accuring paybacks, to take a cruise, or even go to a major theme park. That is human nature, for some, others, in fact the majority of humans, world wide, never take a vacation.

With the cruise, obviously readers here I would THINK have actually taken a cruise, will realize vast sums to be spent during their cruise(s).

These $$US are averages:

Photos $25.00 per
bottled water $3.50 each
ice cream (some lines have the gall to charge) $3.50
espresso/cappuchino/lattes $4.50 ea – what a nerve!
pastries for the latte$ 3.50 (on some lines, not all)
alternate restaurant(s) $10.00, $20.00, $30.00 and MORE each person
Room service $10.00 and up (on some ships, no all).
How about a Bud, in a can, $4.50
Cocktails, $7.00 and UP
Use of gym $35.00 per person per visit
Production shows: $25.00 and up per person
That ever popular rip off BINGO multiple cards for one price
Soda cards, what a rip off $35.00 per person
I bet most of you do not know what it costs the restaurant, in this case cruise line, to supply one cola – $.10 – yeah, ten pennies per glass. How come do you think chain restaurants can offer unlimited refills

The above are just the things the average passenger would spend money on – and this all adds up. Way up.

For the lover of sybaritic pleasure, sure, the massage, $145.00 and up per, beauty salon, not to mention facials and teeth whitening. Who brings ugly teeth on a cruise only to be whitened?

Then all that junk sold at “deep” one day only discounts, the junk sold in the corridor outside the ships shops, stuff you’d never find being sold in the shops.

This is what really adds up, and fast.

I have long guessed that the real, okay, partial reason, the tips are added to your ship board account, is so the tips are actually PAID, – in the old days, passengers actually skipped out and would not tip, too cheap? maybe, way over spent, probably.

You can pre-book shore excursions on line before you leave home, book computer time (on some lines), and book for yourself, or a friend, gift certificates to be applied to the ship board account. These could help your bottom line with funds. However, when on board, it is up to you, the passsnger, consumer, that must take heed of your expenses.

$25.00 eac, cocktails,

Comment from Kenneth Eden
Time April 1, 2011 at 3:22 am

This is as good a place to post what I am hoping will be an eye opener for many.

In Wednesdays Wall Street Journal date: March 30, 2011, in the Personal Journal. section, page D1, above the fold, lies an article simply called

‘THE RETURN OF THE CLASS SYSTEM’, written beautifully, and factually by Andrea Peterson.

Let me tell you, my blood boiled, and I m still filled with disgust at reading what some of the cruise lines are now pulling. I had heard about, and read about, albeit, minorly, and now, this appallingily insulting and degrading rip-off has come forward via this splendid article.

I will not quote, nor name cruise lnes nor their ships, read for your self. This form of cruising goes against every tradition that has been a part of the experience for decades.

One kudo, Peter Shanks, president of Cunard Line defends Cunards unique dining policy and thus brings a semblance of normalcy back to reality, at least for me.

visit, at

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