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Why The Cruise Lines Want You To Book Directly With Them

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It would be easy enough to make this week’s Blog a one word answer to the question – Why The Cruise Lines Want You Book Directly With Them – Because if you do book directly with them, the cruise lines save the cost of the commissions they pay to Travel Agents (that can vary from 8% – 18%).  So, that certainly supplies their motive in relation to my hypothesis, but I think it’s important to delve deeper into this to show their methodology.

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Comment from Kenneth Eden
Time August 17, 2011 at 5:33 am

What goes around comes back to bite you.

Back in the 1980’s cruise lines toyed with all sorts of ways to cut out the travel agent. Carnival went so far as to attempt to set up booking desks in Wal-Marts, this never happened.

Renaissance Cruises took bookings from travel agents and then zapped them refusing to pay out the commissions (late 1990’s). Othe cheap tricks with bookings most certainly occured, and still do today.

At one time early on in the PC rage, people booked many cabisn cruises and so forth, and the cruise lines thiought the cabins were all booked, when, people sitting home in their undies, were merely booking and not canceling them. That was far nor not, depending on ones perspective.

Prospective, and seasoned passengers, often do not know what they should look for when booking themselves, and may not even know how to begin. afterall, when looking for a “room, on the left side of the boat, on the fifth floor”, you won’t find that available on line.

The travel agent can certainly seek the proper channels to maintain their booking rights and secure their comissions. When the cruise lines, the lower end of the field, gets bitten, tunes will change. They always do.

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