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Cruise Questions People Ask That May Be Real

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I get an incredible amount of email asking questions. Some are relatively simple to answer. Others require much more thought. I probably get 1000 emails each year asking for a job on “my ship“. My answer is “Oh how I wish I had a ship”.

But there’s also those questions I’m expecting to get in future, and I’ve tried to spend some time preparing answers in anticipation. Below is a list of questions and answers . Some are real, others, I’m sure I’ll see in my Inbox some day .

Q – We’re going on our first cruise, and I’m wondering if we can drive to the ship?

A – Your first cruise is going to be your most exciting cruise. To answer your question; you should only attempt to drive to the ship if it’s docked at a pier.

Q – We are very interested in trying a luxury cruise. We’d like to keep the total cost for our family of four to $1000. Can you offer any advice on how to proceed?

A – To be of any help at all, I’d need to know if you want that $1000 cost to include all your transportation costs, shipboard expenses as well as shore excursions, or is that just for the cruise fare? I’d also like to know what planet you’re from.

Q – We’ve booked a cruise for 2011, and we’re working with a very tight budget. One problem is that we don’t own any luggage. What do you recommend?

A – Paper or Plastic?

Q – I’ve noticed Carnival Cruise Lines are called the “Fun Ships”. Is there no fun on other cruise line’s ships?

A – There really is fun to be had on every ship. You just have to stop eating long enough to find it.

Q – We see cruise ships are huge, and know they must use a lot of fuel. If we go on a cruise do the passengers have to chip in for gas?

A – No, no, not at all. You’re just required to eat your share of beans at each meal.

Q – Is it OK to have sex on the balcony?

A – The crew on the bridge, as well as those who monitor the security cameras will appreciate it if you do. But only if you’re traveling with someone.

Q – How do you get a job like yours?

A – I’ve been asking myself that same question many, many times.

– A View From the Kuki Side of Cruising –

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I always suggest looking on the web for cruise travel tips or cruise packing lists. There are some great resources out there that have all kinds of info you never thought of.

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