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Archive for February, 2012

Cruising Is Easier Than Ever

From step 1- choosing a cruise, to booking a cruise, to preparing for your cruise, to shipboard activities, to port of call tours, though it may seem complicated, cruising is actually quite a bit simpler than it used to be. At initial glance, with many more ships, and many more cabin categories on ships, and a seemingly cornucopia of […]

Theme Cruises That Might Be Fun

Theme cruises have become a significant part of the cruise industry. There are all variety of music cruises; from rock and roll legends cruises, to smooth jazz and blues cruises, to even popular contemporary bands performing on full ship charters to the delight of their fans. There are culinary themed cruises, featuring up close and […]

Cruising Is Intoxicating

While every type of business depends on repeat business, I believe there are few with such a loyal customer base as cruising. On virtually every sailing of every ship, there are hundreds and hundreds of people who’ve cruised before; at least several times; often many times.’ Fact is, it is very infrequent passengers disembark a ship feeling as […]

Interporting? How Convenient?

Sometimes the timing of certain decisions in the cruise industry really surprises me. Just as we are beginning to recover from the Concordia accident, which we learned happened largely as a result of a practice called interporting, we hear new announcements from the cruise industry that certain lines plan to increase the number of cruises […]

A Growing Trend In Caribbean Cruising?

Winter comes and cruisers minds turn to escaping to the warmth of the Caribbean. That statement has been true for many years, and continues to be true. The cruise lines continue to bring the majority of their fleets to sail Caribbean itineraries during the winter months, and they continue to sail full, even with the […]