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Archive for April, 2012

5 Ports That Demand a Pre-Cruise Stay

While I always prefer to head to my port of embarkation a night prior to sailing,  there are some are some ports of embarkation/disembarkation where more than an overnight visit is a must. #1 on my list of incredible cities which scream out for a visit of more than just a few hours is New York City.  […]

What’s Wrong With Flying

Flying  PHX (Phoenix Sky Harbor) to YYC (Calgary International) direct non-stop; flying time 2:38 minutes. It sounds simple and easy enough, right? Admittedly, I am a pathetic flier. Even before the various security measures were (necessarily) put in place I was a terrible, white knuckle, flier.  And naturally, with all the heavens lined up against […]

Imagination For Hire; Ship For Brains

A few weeks ago, here on my Blog, I was lobbying to become the first male Godfather of a ship (ignore the obvious fact in that sentence, that in order to be a godfather, I’d have to be a male). But a much more critical need for my very special services in regard to the […]

My Recommended Suggestions When Cruising With Kids

A very significant portion of the cruise industry these days view their target audience to be families.  It’s rather obvious if you look at their marketing, as well as all of the new activities and amenities being placed on new ships the last few years. When schools are out of session, whether spring break, Christmas […]