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Archive for May, 2012

What We Can Do To Help The Cruise Lines

This week an article by Associate Press talked about how the airlines are considering charging additional fees if family members flying together want to insure they are seated together on their flights. The sighted reason, “Airlines are searching for more ways to raise revenue to offset rising fuel costs” (even though that same reasoning has […]

Great Occasions To Celebrate On A Cruise

Thankfully during the course of our lives we have many life events we celebrate. The celebration of many of those life events are easily arranged and enjoyed on cruise ships. Birthdays are a great reason to celebrate. They occur every year, so we’re supplied with an annual reason to indulge ourselves. To celebrate you can […]

It’s Getting Easier To Cruise Without Clothes

To those who haven’t been watching, there’s been a sea change in suggested dress codes, and what is considered acceptable attire, on board an ever expanding list of today’s cruise lines. Harken back to the days of ocean travel, when every passenger was expected to be “dressed to the nines” “in all their finery” every evening […]

Stuff You Should Know Before You Go

Ever since travel by cruise ship evolved into “cruising”, as we know it today, there have been hundreds of thousands of words written, as helpful information, explaining what you “need to know before you go”.  It’s unlikely you’ll store this week’s Blog entry in that category. Rather I’ll be approaching this subject from a slightly […]

There’s Still Great Value in Cruising

In these still tough economic times there’s few people who don’t look to get excellent value for each and every dollar they spend.  And this holds true, even for those who can afford a vacation. People cruise for a variety of reasons, but I believe the majority do so for a combination of travel, adventure […]