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Archive for September, 2012

Cruising is Coming back

The recent spate of bad luck for the cruise industry is finally starting to turn around. Cruisers are coming back to their favorite pastime, and the cruise lines are reporting better than expected profits once again. The most recent Carnival Corp. earnings statement just released this week shows that cruise bookings are picking up significantly […]

Eastern Med Cruises for 2013 – Bargains?

When travel agents come together they primarily discuss the psychology of you – cruise consumers. So, when a consortium of travel agents came together in Carlsbad, California, last week to discuss to state of cruising a good part of their discussion centered on what is happening right now, and what they think will happen next […]

Responses to Silly Cruise Questions

For the record – I don’t personally think there are any “stupid cruise questions.” Sometimes a person has certain information she really needs to know. But most of us in the industry are aware of a famous “stupid cruise questions” list that gets repeated on almost every cruise, mostly for the benefit of the people […]

Big Ticket Shopping In The Caribbean

Duty Free!! We see those words and it’s like our minds shout BARGAIN! BARGAIN! BARGAIN! It’s as though we only see the word free. For some odd reason, this holds even more true when cruisers disembark from their ships on islands in the Caribbean. In fact, the only thing “duty free” means is there are no government […]