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Archive for October, 2012

How To Book A Cruise

The most important thing to know about booking a cruise is there is much more to do than simply booking a cruise. There are literally thousands of travel agents, and hundreds of online booking engines,  where one can book their cruise. And there is also the option of booking your cruise directly through the cruise […]

Cruising Is Not For Everyone

I’m sure that’s not the topic title one would expect to see from a cruise enthusiast. However, it’s only fair to be honest with people who may be considering a cruise. Just last week I was at a social event and discussing winter travel plans with a person I had just met. Eventually, of course, I brought […]

Being Shrewd On Your Cruise

Everyone wants to leave on a cruise, and leave their problems at home. We all set out to enjoy, explore, seek varying degrees of adventure, and relax. Yet, none of that means we should put our brains on remote. In fact, we can generally improve on the results of our cruise experience by being shrewd. […]

The Upgrade Fairy Has Transferred To Sales

One of the very common threads on all cruise related message boards used to be talk about the affectionately termed “upgrade fairy”. People used to post fairly often excitedly talking about booking a cabin, and shortly before their cruise dates arrived, they would magically get a call from their travel agents telling them they have […]

Who You Are Cruising With

Honestly, there is no way to specifically identify the demographic of every cruise line, on every itinerary, though I do think it’s a question cruisers wonder about before they cruise, or even before they consider which cruise to book. However, I believe there are some generalities which can form pretty good guidelines to serve an […]

What Cruise Lines Don’t Want You to Know

The allegations that cruise ship employees are paid “slave wages” come up all the time, and it never fails to astound me how brazenly some people will misrepresent the truth in order to create a sensationalized “news” story. It reminds of the true story of Meg Whitman who admitted to paying her illegal immigrant housekeeper […]