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Archive for November, 2012

How To Choose A Caribbean Cruise

Choosing a cruise is, in the end, a very personal decision. Too often that choice is determined mostly, if not solely, by price. While price is certainly and understandable criteria for making your choice, I’d like to try and put it in perspective with some discussion of other criteria, that in my opinion, should also be […]

How Cruise Packing Has Changed

Cruise packing has changed considerably in the 21st century.  Even though I knew we were over-packers, Mrs. Kuki and I used to pack 4 full suitcases, even for seven day cruise. Today we can easily get it done with 1 suitcase each, with room to spare, and we’re still over-packers. Sure, our thought processes to decided what we […]

Things You Really “Should” Buy On A Cruise

Some people are just naturally shoppers. They just enjoy being consumers; at times with no regard to if they have a need for it or not. Others only shop when they feel a need to; they want to make the purchase; at times with no regard for whether they are getting the best, or the […]

What You’re Likely To Notice On Board

The first thing you’re likely to notice when you step on board a cruise ship is there are many people uglier than you, and there are many people who are less fit than you are. This surprises me every time I cross a gangway, as I  think I’m pretty darn ugly, and noticably out of shape. […]