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Archive for December, 2012

Christmas and New Year’s Wishes

Though I am not a Christian ( some say I am not even human), and I do not celebrate the “traditional” Christmas that many of you do, I celebrate the spirit of the holiday season. I celebrate the spirit of togetherness of family and friends; the spirit of giving (not just gifts); the spirit of the […]

Did You Ever Wonder …?

Cruise ships are wondrous things. Contemplating them I began to wonder, if like me, there are things about them that make you wonder.   – Do you wonder how cruise ships stay upright? – Do you wonder why cruise ships have stairways? – Do you wonder why cruise ships have stairways that go up more […]

First Timers Should Avoid Short Cruises

If you’ve never gone on a cruise before I know it is very tempting to consider the shorter 4 or 5 day cruises; they’re shorter and they’re less expensive. I know, because that was me back in 1994. When we were married I had promised Mrs. Kuki a cruise for our 10th wedding anniversary, and […]

Istanbul – My Favorite Port City

Istanbul is my own personal favorite city in the world. To be frank, prior to my first visit to Istanbul it wasn’t high on my list of cities to visit. I hadn’t studied it much; knew only a little about its history, and even less about its society.  It is the only city in the […]