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The Cruise Cult

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I originally wrote a blog on a different topic for today, but due to the tragic events involving the Costa Concordia this past week, I’ve chosen to lighten the subject matter of my blog this week.

So, let’s talk about the “Cruise Cult”.

I think it would most certainly be wrong to have thousands of members of the cult, dressed in plaid shorts, sandles, and loud Hawaiian shirts, adhorned with 3 cameras hanging around their necks, standing at airport entrances, attempting to hand out cruise brochures to everyone entering an airport terminal.

That’s so “been done” by previous cultists.

The cruise lines themselves do a reasonably good job of promoting their industry, but they don’t really seem to account for the atitude of the true cultists; those amongst us who revere a cruise above any other vacation; those of us whose minds turn to thoughts of rebellion, when even a family member suggests an alternate form of vacation.

Those of us truly devoted to cruising must come up with a strategy built for the 21 st centry to enable us to bring the millions of  the uninitiated into the fold.

Last centuries strategy of extoling the virtues of food being available 24/7 to the percentage of the population already overweight proved effective for it’s time.The incredible momentum by the cruise lines of late to paint a cruise as an ultimate family vacation, leaves the door wide open for the truly dedicated to reel in the converts by telling them the truth about a cruise as a family vacation.

 To hook em you don’t want to be telling them about all the great family” together time” they’re going to have on a ship. For “today’s parent” you want to stress how much time they can enjoy away from their children on a ship; how they are free to lay all of the responsibility for their children’s enjoyment and actions (and blame) on the ship’s youth counselors.

Today’s society is as selfindulgent as any in history, so it’s particularly easy to convert people to cruising by pointing out that nearly any selfindulgent activity they enjoy on land is available on a cruise ship.

To those who were part of the “Theme Park Cult”, it’s easy to point out that many of today’s contemporary ships pretty much have a version of their theme park favorites on ships. On various ships now, everything from surfing on flow-riders, ziplinng, waterparks, and state fair style candies and foods can be found if they pick the right ship.

These days many well known contemporary entertainers are being showcased on ships. And it’s easy to point out to the enetertainment buffs that booking a cabin immediately below or above a showroom will allow them to hear their favorite acts multiple times without ever entering the showroom.

There truly is a multitude of ways to draw people who, until now have refused to cruise. But we should realize the unintended consequence of our actons; the more people we draw into our world of cruising, the higher the demand; the higher the price goes.

As a result of our success, drawing people into the cult we may make it too costly for us to indulge our own addiction.

– A View From The Kuki Side of Cruising –

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Comment from Kenneth Eden
Time January 25, 2012 at 7:07 am


I loved “The Cruise Cult”, we all that do the cruise thing can find ourselves in the cult, and know others that do as well.

While dining out at our favorite Chinese restaurant the other night the host, son of the owners, asked us “What do you do on a cruise. You go all the time”.

I almost had no answer, the cult has been embroiled in me for so long, I just expect that everyone knows what we do on the cruise.

He said that everyone gambles, well, we do not. He said you eat all the time, one up, He said, what else?

Well, the cult is what it is, and I , nearly, not quite (not me!) was near a loss for words. I smilingly said “You go for the ship, its a cult thing! He smiled, knowingly, I think!

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