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Cruising Is Intoxicating

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While every type of business depends on repeat business, I believe there are few with such a loyal customer base as cruising. On virtually every sailing of every ship, there are hundreds and hundreds of people who’ve cruised before; at least several times; often many times.’

Fact is, it is very infrequent passengers disembark a ship feeling as though they didn’t get great value for the money they spent. Aside from the feeling of good value,  there is an intoxicating factor.

How often does one step into a hotel room, and feel they are “home”? Oddly perhaps, it rarely takes long for a cruise ship passenger to enter their cabin, and not have that feeling of “being home” swell. The feeling is not easily defined, nor is it easily explained in words, or scientifically proven. It’s at least partially explainable because when you arrive, and unpack your belongings, your making it0″ your space”, because, though you are traveling, you know this is your home base for the duration of the cruise.

Cruises are made of a number of “moments”.  And so often many of those moments become life long memories which bring a smile to your face each time they cross your mind.

The moment might be a dinner service that goes so smoothly you think you’re dining in your favorite restaurant; or a moment during the meal where you share a taste of a delicious plate of food with your loved one, while sharing a warm, loving and knowing smile. The moment may be during a comedy show, where, while as you are laughing hysterically, you glance over to see your friend, or mate enjoying the time as much as you are.

When you are relaxing on your private balcony, or standing out on an open deck, stairing out for miles into a calm and endless sea, on a star filled night,  suddenly it dawns on you… that is the feeling everyone could feel if there could ever be world peace.

These moments and memories can be different for everyone. It can be everything from your falling asleep during a Broadway-style show,  to zip-lining above a rain forest in a port of call, to your team wining a trivia contest on board, to the wonderful night’s sleep you got as the ship rocked back and forth as it cut through the water.

While cruising may not be right for everyone. The majority of people who try it, do have a desire to do it again.  And it’s most likely the urge will come later, when the memories of those moments pop into your head, and bring a smile to your face; and you again feel intoxicated by the joy of it.

– A View From The Kuki Side of Cruising –

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Comment from Kenneth Eden
Time February 15, 2012 at 6:43 am

Kuki Well said, and right on the mark.

There is however, one aspect that puts a damper on a cruise for some, and usually it is the passengers own complaining that does it, self inflicted, as it may seem.

In the reviews, here and elsewhere, a canceled port, a poor meal (means different things to different people), a cabin not as what was expected, poor weather – these can bring a damper to some, and while fixated upon, it defineatley ruins the cruise. All too often this results in ” I will never cruise again or I will never cruise with ___________Line again, or, This is may last cruise on ____________Line”. enough, stay home, do not put your onus on everyone that you come in contact with. And, stop berating the crew!

I call these, prone to demanding they get their way. people “under the rocks” types. Never happy, constantly miserable. STAY HOME!

Comment from cruises from Southampton
Time February 17, 2012 at 11:40 am

I couldn’t agree more – as soon as you step on board you see groups of friends from past cruising experiences meet up and catch up on old cruising stories. It certainly has a ‘family’ like no other.

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