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Theme Cruises That Might Be Fun

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Theme cruises have become a significant part of the cruise industry. There are all variety of music cruises; from rock and roll legends cruises, to smooth jazz and blues cruises, to even popular contemporary bands performing on full ship charters to the delight of their fans.

There are culinary themed cruises, featuring up close and personal experiences with some of the world’s more renowned chefs. Wine cruises with lectures and seminars by world class somelliers. There’s also motorcycle cruises, where the guests are encouraged to bring their bikes with them for use in the ports of call. And there’s even Nudist cruises, for those who enjoy wearing only the bare necessisties. Even politics gets into the picture with theme cruises by the right-leaning National Review.

But, I think there’s still some space out there remaining to be filled by some enterprising entrepeneur that could really be fun.

For example:

– Foot Festishists Theme Cruise –  the days could be filled with lectures and seminars by podiatrists; the nights by shoe fashion shows. Everyone would be instructed to toe the line, but they’d have the opportunity to put their best foot forward,   and no doubt a few onboard would step in it.

-Theme Cruise for People Who Think They Look Like A Famous Person – I’ve actually been stopped in an airport and asked if I was Phil Jackson (the famous basketball coach). No doubt there are thousands of people who think they look like someone famous, but really have no resemblance whatsoever to their supposed look-a-like. The days could be filled with game shows of Who The Heck Is That?!

– Pessimests Theme cruise – This one would be so easy to pull off, with daily lectures by everyone who is predicting a date for the end of the world.  Throw in some pool-side games of people guessing what the next bad thing to happen to them will be, and some group discussions of  why people think they are going to die, and you’ve got the potential for a real winner in the category.

You might want to double up on this one and mix the pessimists with hypochondriacs.

– Theme cuise for those with Imaginary Friends – here’s an easy one to make a nice profit at; each passenger would pay full fare for them and their imaginary friend (double occupancy cabins you know). Each night at dinner you’d have everyone at their table introduce their friend, and tell the stories of how they met, and watch for the easily flowing “kuki” conversations.

– Victoria’s Secret Theme Cruises – Easy reasoning on this one. I’m a man!

Give me a shipload of models in garments from Victoria Secret, and I could quit digging through garbage cans for their catalogues.

No doubt I have just scratched the surface of ideas in this realm. Feel free to expand with your ideas for the next big thing in theme cruises.

– A View From The Kuki Side of Cruising –

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Comment from Bob
Time February 23, 2012 at 9:38 am

I’m not sure the Pessimists cruise would have pool-side activities. They would be sure that somebody might fall in and drown!

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