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Time To End Sexism In The Cruise Industry

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You’ll have to forgive the sensationalistic headline. I don’t really believe that sexism is rampant throughout the cruise industry. But…I do think the value of the feminine side of cruising is extensively overblown.

 Cruise ships are commonly referred to as “she”, yet there is no good reason for doing so; other than that’s the way it has always been.

 One theory for referring to a ship as of female gender, when they are really not gender specific, is that doing so reflects the romance of the sea. Those who prescribe to that theory therefore have to believe that woman are more romantic than men.

I’m personally offended by that suggestion. In fact, if I were a woman, and therefore more sensitive, I’d probably be crying right now.

Truly it is men who can very easily lay claim to being the more romantic of the two genders. The earliest explorers in history left on their adventures because of their romantic visions. Many never returned. They met their demise because they realized the flowers they had discovered, and wanted to give to their wives, would never survive the trip home; or the jewelry they had often traded their crew’s lives for, in search of the perfect gift, their wives would likely want to return and exchange for a different color.

At one time a vote was held to decide if ships should still be referred to in the feminine gender. The only reason the vote resulted in the continuation of  the tradition was that it was held after women were granted the right to vote, rather than before.

As I worked on this week’s blog topic it occurred to me that it’s not just ships which are referred to as “she”; it’s everything inanimate. So, I’ve come to accept (given in to ) the fact that ship’s will continue to be referred to as she.

BUT… my question now, is why do ships (called she) have only Godmothers? And why are most of the godmothers, to this point, celebrities? It was recently announced that Priscilla Presley would be godmother to the new American Queen riverboat, and Mariah Carey is godmother to the recently inaugurated Disney Fantasy.  I’d really like to know… aside from talent, what do they have that I do not?

I believe that it high time for a ship to have a godfather! And I strongly believe that godfather should be me. You might ask yourself, why me?

 The answer is quite simple. I was the first one to think of it. It’s just like calling “shotgun” when you’re getting into a car with others.

I do have several other qualifications:

-For the 12 years I have been writing about cruises for Cruisemates 95% of my readers think I am a woman.

– I have as much experience with Champagne as any celebrity – even those who have graduated from the Betty Ford Clinic.

-Even when intoxicated I know which end of the ship is the bow.

-I’m very well known in my community as a philanthropic wasteland, and I’ve never been found guilty of any offence I’ve ever been charged with.

But, here is where I need your help. I need your help mounting a campaign not only to make certain a new ship has a godfather, but also to make certain that godfather is me.

I encourage all of you to write the CEO of all the cruise lines who may be in process of building new ships, and be overly suggestive recommending  me to be the godfather.

Any journalists, who happen to be reading this, and are attending the Miami Cruise Shipping Convention (which I didn’t bother attending), feel free to talk to the cruise line execs you see. If enough of you contact enough cruise line CEOs recommending me, together we might just find one inebriated enough to say “GREAT IDEA!”.

You can also become a representative laxative for my plan, assisting to move my movement forward by expressing your support on Twitter, using (hashtag) #Kuki4Godfather.

– A View From The Kuki Side of  Cruising –

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Comment from Pixie Dust
Time March 14, 2012 at 7:17 pm

Kuki….you have my vote!

Comment from George
Time March 15, 2012 at 3:54 pm

Yet other ships are named after men, including war ships of many nations including the USA.

Comment from Pickles Muldoon
Time April 29, 2012 at 6:43 am

Is this supposed to be satire??

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