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Stuff You Should Know Before You Go

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Ever since travel by cruise ship evolved into “cruising”, as we know it today, there have been hundreds of thousands of words written, as helpful information, explaining what you “need to know before you go”.

 It’s unlikely you’ll store this week’s Blog entry in that category.

Rather I’ll be approaching this subject from a slightly different perspective; one you most likely haven’t considered, unless you are a mental deviate.

When first even considering a cruise one should be prepared; understand the ship travels in water. You might think it travels on water, but it is in water. If it were on water, the ship would simply fall over. It’s somewhat important to understand that doesn’t happen.

The next thing to check off the list in cruise planning is that you are going to be required to pay to cruise. There are actual costs involved. Other than free-loading travel journalists I’ve never heard of any member of the cruising public who have been received their cruise ticket without first paying for it. If you happen to own an oil well, there might be a chance to barter; exchanging your oil for passage, but you’d have to attempt to make the arrangements for that trade in advance. Otherwise, you will be expected to pay for your cruise.

In order to board the ship you are also going to be required to have identification. There are various types of identifications necessary depending on the type of itinerary your ship will be sailing.  In some cases a simple birth certificate will be all that’s required. In other cases a passport. But the regulations of which is required when are much too complicated for me to explain a fluff piece such as this.

If you’re going to travel, you are going to find you need some form of luggage. A suitcase, a duffel bag, a suit bag, a back pack may all work. I advise against using paper (or plastic) bags. They don’t tend to stand up well against the rigours of travel. Plus, they look so much like everyone elses’  bags when turning on a carousel.

Whichever mode of “baggage” you choose, once you have managed to get on your ship, and have found your cabin, you should know, you are allowed to unpack your belongings.

Other than cruise lines which are “all-inclusive” , cruise lines are “almost all-inclusive”. On the “almost all-inclusive” cruise lines everything you could want, other than the things you have to pay extra for, are included in the cruise fare.  Keep your list of things you don’t want to pay extra for very short and you’re likely to be very satisfied.

I certainly do hope that you’ve found this list of  “know before you go” tips helpful, though for the life of me I don’t see how you could.

– A View From The Kuki Side of Cruising” –

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Comment from Andrew Kruglanski
Time May 12, 2012 at 3:37 pm

Intriguing! Some times stating the obvious serves to remove the justification for complaining, leaving one free to simply have a good time!

Happy cruising from the Cruisin Susan Cruise and Travel Blog (

Comment from Kenneth Eden
Time June 26, 2012 at 5:24 am

I read a review today from a passenger, there were two passengers in said cabin, that will never sail Celebrity again because of the cabin location and the answer they recieved from I would assume from the Pursers Office, about the noise and such from the galley that was above this cabin.

Surely, a noisy cabin is not good, of course a passenger must be accorded respect when replying to a complaint and no passenger should be made to “feel the fool” or, as the reviewer stated, “made me feel like a liar”, by having the answer that NOBODY complained about the cabin before.

Who know, maybe no had, that still does not justify the insult slapped at a passenger
by ships personnel.

However, there is another side to this situation. Booking the proper cabin, by knowing the deck plan and reviewing prior to bookinmg. That could have saved aggravation on the passengers part.

Again, a verified ships professional travel agency, a live person to talk with and book with, may have ben the real solution, one tht may not have arisen in the first place.

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