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Cruising’s Gonna Be A Breeze

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Carnival Breeze. As far as I’m concerned that is one of the best names ever for a ship in today’s cruise industry.

I hear the name Carnival Breeze and there is immediately a positive image in my mind’s eye of a relaxing, yet exhilarating, time at sea, leading one to anticipate a languid day on deck – with a gentle breeze brushing over your face, while you’re enjoying the time with a drink in hand, with the small umbrella in your drink swaying slightly with the rhythm of the ocean – while you’re thinking about the adventure of your next port of call.

Boiled down to the basics, I think that’s what cruising means to most of us who love it.  And to have that all brought to mind simply with the name of a ship… Brilliant!

I wrote recently about ship names, and how so many ships names are repeated by the various cruise lines. But now I feel compelled to commend Carnival on the original and wonderful new name. Her interior design work is also new and original in many ways. Without famed Carnival designer Joe Farcus in control, the ship’s interior design team has gone in an entirely new direction to previous ships from this company.

Her first full sailing began last week, and will be concluding this Friday morning, June 15. Inital reports have been quite glowing. On June 15 a rather large group of media representatives, journalists, and bloggers will be boarding for a “press trip”. As is normally the case on these press trips, they’ll be escorted by many representatives of Carnival Cruise Line. No doubt, within minutes of their boarding, there will be an explosion of information sharing about the ship available in numerous mediums, as well as hundreds of pictures of the ship… which I eagerly look forward to seeing.
Many members of the press prefer to see ships they are going to cover on these press trips. They feel the access they are given, to almost all areas of the ship, as well as to the executives and representatives of the cruise line, allows them to dig deeper, and be able to ask the people in the know questions about all aspects of the ship, and the cruise lines hopes for the direction of the ship.

I on the other hand, prefer to sail, to cover these ships, on unescorted trips. I prefer to write about the ship, and the actual cruise experience; to see and describe the ship as most other passengers might see it on their cruise.

And that is why I became very excited when I was recently informed I would be sailing on board the Carnival Breeze on the June 27 sailing, out of Barcelona (Plus, in my view its rather unique itnerary, with overnights in Rome and Venice, makes it more interesting than the June 15 sailing).

I will miss out on seeing and touching base with some of the journalists I’ve met on previous press trips. I’ll be following all of your reports from the ship, and then I’ll get to follow up by boarding when you all disembark.

I’ll be writing and posting daily for a Virtual Cruise for CruiseMates, which will allow you to “cruise along” with me, and hopefully see the ship, and ports of call from my eyes, and my sometimes “Kuki” perspectives. While I may not be able to supply you with some of the details cruise line representatives would like the press to supply, I do think I’ll be able to supply you with a perceptive of the ship that is more akin to what you might experience when you sail this ship.

I’m very much looking forward to sharing the experience with you. I hope you make a point of tuning in. It’s going to be a Breeze.

– A View From The Kuki Side of Cruising –

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Comment from Marc
Time June 13, 2012 at 6:01 pm

Kuki, looking forward to your reports!

How they are managing the overnight in Rome given the distance? Are most folks planning on getting a room in the city? Are there night time excursions? Overnights in Venice are easy because transportation is easy; but I’ve never done it in Rome.

Comment from Kuki
Time June 13, 2012 at 10:32 pm

I didn’t see any overnight Rome tours offered. Most likely because this is sort of a one of itinerary.

I do know some people are planning to overnight in Rome. Civitavecchia port to Rome is a bit over an hour (an hour by train), so sure many will return to the ship rather than spend the evening in Rome.

Plus others might spend a day in Rome one day, and the second on a tour to other areas nearby.

Comment from Kenneth Eden
Time June 15, 2012 at 5:58 am

Civitacecchia is a pure delight of a city. True it is at least an hour away from Rome, and the trains can be hot and late on arrival. Another option is to take a bus, and that can be a hassle with road work, car break downs on the Auto Strada – just the sort of thjing you want to avoid. Then there is the private transfer from the airport to the port city, a limo, which I enjoy doing, but, be absolutely sure the vehicle will take you – and all your luggage – cars in Europe are small, even minivans, we opt for the largest Mercedes Benz van, allowing for 2 adults, 6 suitcases, and three/four carry ons. This costs about $250.00 one way. A good travel agent will arrange this for you.

Then again the cruise line may offer transfers, but that will depend on the specific itinerary.

There are lovely beach front hotels in the port city, restaurants that range from good to exellent. Shopping is so so. The city offers a real taste of Italy without the crowds of Rome, say.

Kuki I am anxiuosly awaiting the review and hope you have a great time (I KNOW you will)!

On the other hand, travellers know how to stay in rome, the classic option. Stil, getttting to Civitavecchia is the hassle.

Comment from Lisa W
Time June 17, 2012 at 6:27 pm

Kuki-I will be on the same cruise with my family. I too was curious as to how late we could check back into the ship after our first day in Rome. There is nothing better than roaming the streets and piazzas in Rome at night , and I’m really hoping to share this with our sons. No inside knowledge as to how late we can return to the ship?

Comment from Kuki
Time June 17, 2012 at 6:40 pm

During the overnight in Civitavechhia you can return to the ship any time you please, or you don’t have to come back at all. Only requirement is to be back on the ship before she sails the next day.

C ya onboard!

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