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Being Shrewd On Your Cruise

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Everyone wants to leave on a cruise, and leave their problems at home. We all set out to enjoy, explore, seek varying degrees of adventure, and relax. Yet, none of that means we should put our brains on remote.

In fact, we can generally improve on the results of our cruise experience by being shrewd. Here’s some tips on keeping your trip on track.

1. Overspending

There’s not many things that can ruin a good trip like ending up with a much larger tab than you expected. I understand budgeting is a task none of use look forward to when preparing for a cruise. It’s much more fun to indulge our whims, enabling us to enjoy every moment regardless of the price. However, the possible resulting pain of economic mismanagement facing you on your return turns that glow to growl very quickly.

2. Be Aware

Whether on the ship, or during a call in port excercise good judgement. While the old addage – most accidents happen at home – still applies, too many people assume they are as safe whereever they are as they would be at home. Parents particularly tend to think that while on a ship their children are safe, and allow them to be even more independant than they might be at home.  Much too often I’ve seen young teens hanging out with fellow teens in all sorts of areas of the ship into the early hours of the morning. Indeed there are certainly young teens who act responsibly. But, it’s also true that teens are the same as when we were teens, and occassionally make the wrong decisions on participating in some activities.  I’m not suggesting these kids need to be on leashes, but I to think parents need to establish specified boundaries.

Too many people also presume safety during ports of call. In fact, it makes me “kuki” when I hear of cruise ship passengers or attorneys claiming the cruise lines did not warn them of dangers in ports they visit. It’s like the over indulgance forcing the most bizarre warning labels on consumer products simply to avoid legal action. Sometimes, no matter what you do, trouble just finds you. You simply end up in the wrong place at the wrong time. However, giving the risks of travel full consideration before you make your plans, combined with being aware of surrounding conditions as they occur, will go a long way to reduce the risk of that trouble.

3.  Behavior

Your behavior says a lot about you. And it says a lot to the people who serve you. In the closed environment of a cruise ship the reactions to your behavior are magnified significantly.  Certainly anyone you meet on the ship is going to react to you more graciously and willingly if you’re pleasant to be around, and even more so if you’re smiling, laughing and enjoying yourself.

This is even more true of the service staff on the ship who are attempting to take care of your needs. Even if there are issues you are not pleased with, it’s much shrewder and in the end more effective, to be pleasant with the crew members and ship management, than to be angry.

#4 Luggage

Don’t forget your luggage.  It’s likely to dampen the enjoyment of your cruise, if you leave it sitting in the front hall.

– A View From The Kuki Side of Cruising –

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HI…I am seeking advise on a 2 week cruise from LA to Hawaii. We would like ot go between Jan and March but I’m nervous about the weather…in Hawaii but most of all for the days at sea. Any suggestions? Also, this seems to be a great group of cruisers…let me know how we get involved. Thank you in advance for your suggestions!

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