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Cruising Is Not For Everyone

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I’m sure that’s not the topic title one would expect to see from a cruise enthusiast. However, it’s only fair to be honest with people who may be considering a cruise.

Just last week I was at a social event and discussing winter travel plans with a person I had just met. Eventually, of course, I brought cruising into the conversation. The fellow I was talking to admitted he had never been on a cruise. That wasn’t particularly shocking because a vast majority (2/3) of the population have never taken a cruise.

However, in this case I may have been more surprised because the gentleman told me he is retired and that he and his wife travel 4-5 months of every year.

It became more clear when he explained that they travel via backpacking throughout their travels. They also almost exclusively stay in hostels rather than hotels, and they are very dedicated hikers; loving to explore hiking trails wherever they go. They have traveled to many distant countries, and have found this method of travel suits them best, and allows them to participate in the culture of the areas they visit as deeply as they like. The closest they have been to a cruise ship was the use of day ferries.

After listening to many interesting stories it was rather easy to understand why cruising would not be a really appealing or satisfying experience for these people. They are very fortunate to be healthy and fit enough to be able to enjoy this form of travel they enjoy so much.

Now if I were to tell Mrs. Kuki we were going to be traveling to ———(fill in the blank) and staying in hostels she would like insist I get drug tested and have a mental competency exam. Of course the gentleman would have guessed I was not a candidate for hiking the world, simply by looking at my body shape.

But, even for those who enjoy a more amenity filled travel lifestyle, a cruise may not be their best bet.

I am a lousy flier. I fly to and from embarkation ports because it is a requirement for going anywhere. However, I also don’t enjoy driving holidays; nor do I think of traveling by bus as something I’d enjoy. I love travel, but I am admittedly a very lazy traveler, in terms of the transportation portion of the travel. I want the transportation aspect of my trip to be done in the relaxing, yet entertaining and active atmosphere of a cruise ship.

Others feel  that type of transportation wastes time. They want to get to their destination as quickly as possible, and immerse themselves in one particular area completely, without going anywhere else. Those people would likely be quite dissatisfied with a cruise. They would probably be unhappy with the limited times in port that many cruises offer.

There’s many diverse reasons that people would dislike a cruise. They don’t have to think cruises are bad to know they are not right for them, at least at a particular time in their lives. And, as cruisers we shouldn’t press what we view as all the positives on cruising in an attempt to “point them in the right direction”.

By the way, at the end of our conversation I had the hostel/hiking couple very interested in a cruise to Antarctica. Sometimes, when you know just how diverse cruising can be,  you just can’t resist ignoring your own advice.

– A View From The Kuki Side of Cruising –

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Comment from Kenneth Eden
Time November 2, 2012 at 5:05 am

Here is one for thought, a cruise for campers!

Several Antartic cruises calling there, well, not on the continent, it is prohibited, but call on islands “near” Antarctica, offer sleep overs, or camping, during their cruises.

How lovely to sleep in the open, in a tent or something, in sub zero temps, all for a mere $23,000.00 per person. Outrageous $$$$$$$

I happened across this cruise or cruise types, there may be more.

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