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What You’re Likely To Notice On Board

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The first thing you’re likely to notice when you step on board a cruise ship is there are many people uglier than you, and there are many people who are less fit than you are.

This surprises me every time I cross a gangway, as I  think I’m pretty darn ugly, and noticably out of shape. Seeing uglier people who are more out shape than I am establishes a comfort zone. You too will know immediately that you did not stumble into a casting call for The Bold and the Beautiful. If by some chance you actually are the ugliest person on board, you can feel better by requesting a cabin with no mirrors ( they don’t actually exist).

You’ll notice, as you familiarize yourself with a ship’s interior, that the interiors of today’s modern cruise ships are as aesthically pleasing as most modern hotels. There’s pleasant art work, sculptures, and fine furnishings throughout the public rooms. What sets them apart from hotels, is a while later, after leaving port, you’re likely to notice the floor move. If this occurred in a land based hotel there would be cause for a bit of panic. On a cruise ship, moving across a sea or ocean, it’s normal. Depending on the veracity of the weather, and the seas, that motion may be slight, or you may feel “drunk”.  Perhaps that’s where the term “drunken sailor” actually came from.

There are plenty of non prescription motion sickness preventative treatments available that might be wise to pack for your trip. But, in all but extreme cases, after a short time on board, your body will naturally acclimatize itself, to feeling “normal” despite the motion going on around you. In extreme cases a visit to the ship’s doctor is an available solution. They can supply a shot to the tush, which will put you to sleep for long enough to make you miss six eating opportunities, but you will wake without the malaise.

Accommodations on ship of course vary by the types of cabins you choose. Unless you have booked some of the top suites available, when you enter your cabin, you are not going to see a lot of space. Some of you may have walk-in closets in your homes larger than your cabin. The good news is the cabins are larger than jail cells, and are much better decorated.

In fact, your initial reaction upon seeing your cabin is likely to be impressed by how beautiful they can make the space look. And in many ways they function as well as they look. There may, however,  be some idiosyncrasies which take some adjusting to; like when you are standing in front of the closet choosing items and your spouse slams you with the bathroom door. The entryways where the closets are normally located are narrow; when entering or exiting your cabin, you’ll want to do it in single file. Walking hand in hand through the entryway will only lead to someone having a bruised shoulder.

Toilet jokes are a decades old staple of cruise ship comedians, and with good cause. Once you’ve experienced the joy of using one, you’ll understand… or if you happen to flush one at the wrong time.. you’ll undersit.

When talking about cruising, one can’t ignore the topic of food. Other than available specialty restaurants most of the food available on ships is indeed included in your fare.  And it is true that one can cruise without paying for any of the “extra” food available on board. it’s also true that one can eat themselves into oblivion. Though on my first few cruises I came close to eating in everything in sight, including some of the furniture and fixtures, a more temperate approach to your eating habits is recommended. I can attest to the fact sofas are difficult to digest.

You’re also likely to notice pretty quickly that alcohol consumption is somewhat of a favorite past time on board. Over consumption however can lead to time passing without you. Your cruise takes place oer a short time frame, you don’t want to “miss” too much of it.

Cruise ships provide an incredible amount of entertainment opportunities on board, including pool games, trivia games, card games, seminars and lectures, and show room entertainment.   However the most important contributor to your enjoyment of the entertainment is you. You,  friends you may be traveling with, people you interact with on board are perhaps the key driving force to your being entertained. Take advantage of it!

– A View From The Kuki Side of Cruising –

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