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Did You Ever Wonder …?

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Cruise ships are wondrous things. Contemplating them I began to wonder, if like me, there are things about them that make you wonder.

Do you wonder how cruise ships stay upright?

Do you wonder why cruise ships have stairways?

Do you wonder why cruise ships have stairways that go up more than one deck?

Do you wonder why cruise ships have stairways that go up at all, when they should all just go down?

Do you wonder why kids and teenagers sit on stairways;  they don’t look that much like chairs?

Do you wonder how a cruise ship can feed you 3 (or more) meals a day for $4, but then charge you $4 for a bottle of water?

Do you wonder if a comedian on a ship will ever come up with a cruise ship joke you haven’t heard already?

Do you wonder why people enjoy mini-golf on cruise ships (or anywhere)?

Do you wonder what the record is, on cruise ships, for the most lobsters ordered by one person at one meal?

Do you wonder why skinny people cruise?

Do you wonder if every person wearing white on a cruise ship is the Captain?

Do you wonder why cruise ships don’t get Cable for the television programming?

Do you wonder why when they transport you from ship to land they call the vehicle a tender, when the way they handle you during the process is anything but tender?

Do you wonder why, on cruise ships, so many people are willing , and actually enjoy having dinner each night with strangers?

Do you wonder why staff in the ship’s dining facilities are often dressed better than the passengers?

Do you wonder why people who have walk in closets in their homes are happy and satisfied to live in one on a ship?

Do you wonder what the look on your neighbors face may be in the morning, when you’ve placed a breakfast order on their door the night prior, for delivery at 6 AM… on a sea day?

– Do you wonder how people with no talent feel following a passenger with talent at Karaoke?

What else do you wonder?

– A View From The Kuki Side of Cruising –

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Comment from Paul Motter
Time December 21, 2012 at 1:59 pm

I wonder why I can’t get a daily newspaper at sea (wait, you can do that now).

I wonder why they have stairs that go up when they have elevators! Why would anyone ever use a stair to go up on a cruise ship.

I wonder the compulsion to wear wear high heels on cruise ships is directly correlated to the propensity to get sea sick during the cruise.

I wonder why they have a pillow menu when a buffet would be so much easier.

I wonder why the crewmembers seem to be blind when I need ice water or silverwear, but always see my hands are dirty when I enter the buffet.

I wonder where they get the idea that I am going to remember the name of every restaurant onboard when I can’t even remember the name of the restaurant on the corner of my block.

However, I also wonder the classiest cruise ships call their main restaurant “The restaurant.”

Comment from Kenneth Eden
Time December 24, 2012 at 4:39 am

Kuki – I loved your post, and Paul’s added “whats”.

My biggest gripe, the passenger that is booked on the wrong ship, not ports not anything else, but the wrong ship – or cruise line for them.

Don’t these idiots read reviews? can’t they sipher what appeals to them or would angry them?One real thing that bugs me, pouring water in the MDR from a bottle, and having the nerve to secretly charge you. The other, the photo shots, set up all over the ship. Jeeze!

It never fails, I see and hear it on every cruise I take, griping and abasing the crew.

To compare one ship or line they took only to either hate or love the one taken or the one currently taking, it amazes me.

There are some really good and honest reviews at this very site, common people, read them………..

Comment from Kenneth Eden
Time December 29, 2012 at 9:45 am

Some to add to the list of Wonders”

Why are kids allowed in a ships pool wearing diapers, even “swimmer” diapers? Think about it. Maybe seniors too, wearing “Depends” under their swim suits. Totally disgusting and unhealthy.

Or, the butch guy, usually an old fart, pulling at the seat of his pants, or pulling his boxers from his crack, and refusing to use the hand sanitizer, claiming only sissies use it.

Or, the nose picker at the buffet, or hand licker who presses down his hair, them pushes elevator buttons.

These are observances I have made from seeing males and kids, now, ladies, are you guilty of a few “filths” as well?

And they say the TV remote is the dirtiest thing in your bed room at a hotel. PLEASE!!!!!!

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