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Giving Kevin Sheehan Credit

Norovirus; The Real Story

There were over 20 MILLION cases of Norovirus reported in the United States last year and just about the same number of cruises were taken worldwide. That means that pretty much every person who cruised last year got Norovirus, right? Well… not quite! But that is the message some people reporting on the wrongfully dubbed […]

You’re Important To Us

That phrase – You’re Important To Us – is a common motto of many businesses; but in cruising it’s a required ingredient. It is the first, and final,  message every business wants to communicate to its clients. Failure to communicate that normally signals the failure of any transaction between a business and a client. Nowhere is […]

Avoid These Mistakes On Your Cruise

Essentially today’s world of cruising is designed pretty darn well, and with variances in presentation from different cruise lines, can satisfy a wide swath of the population. However, there are some basic mistakes people can avoid to improve their chances of fully enjoying their experience. * Don’t buy more cruise than you can reasonably afford […]