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Archive for February, 2013

Travel Agents and Cruise Lines

To begin to describe the relationship between the cruise lines and travel agents, the first thing for a consumer to know is there is “normally” NO charge to the consumer to use the services of a travel agent when booking a cruise. They are paid by the cruise lines from the revenues for your cruise […]

ABC’s “Troubled Waters” = Troubled Reporting

Last week, as news of the fire on board the Carnival Triumph, causing her to be adrift in the Gulf of Mexico (with limited emergency power), began to emerge, the media “sharks” began to circle the “details” of the incident. Much has been written about the 4 days it took to have tug boats bring […]

How Cruising Has Changed For Me

I took my first cruise a bit later in life, in 1994, at age 44. Today, at ageĀ 63, and some 60 plus cruises of experience behind me, I’ll reflect. Not so much on the incredible amount of changes in the industry, but on what’s changed in the way I cruise. The one area that has […]

Doing A Back-to-Back: When One Cruise Isn’t Enough

I have done many cruises over the years, going to many places, but one thing I had never done was consecutive cruises – more commonly called a ‘back-to-back’ or simply ‘B2B’. This is a fairly common thing among older, retired cruisers who have the luxury of time go on two, three, perhaps even four consecutive […]