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Archive for March, 2013

Europe – Why River Cruising Is Gaining On Cruise Ships

River cruising is “THE hot thing” in cruising right now, and I don’t expect that trend to be short lived. So, I thought I should look at what may be the reasons for the trend. I must start by saying that I have never been on a river cruise, and to date, for my tastes, I […]

The Repositioning Season Is About To Begin

Next month is the beginning of the “repositioning season”; it is also the time when some of the best per Diem rates of the year appear for those who have the time for lengthier cruises. The cruise lines begin moving many of their ships from the Caribbeean, where they have spent the winter months. Some ships […]

Cruise Ships Attract Whales

You don’t have to be sailing on a ship off of the coast of Maui to see whales. Though a different breed, you also see whales in Las Vegas. In Las Vegas there are all sorts of fish as well, who’d like to be whales. The Las Vegas style whales are high stakes gamblers, who […]

Cabin Categories Can Confuse

The most stable location for a cabin on a cruise ship is on the lowest passenger deck, and those cabins closest to the center part of the ship (mid-ship). So, does it really make any sense that both the inside and ocean view cabins in these locations are the least expensive on the ship? … Not […]