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Archive for April, 2013

How’s The Weather In…In…?

Cruise anticipation is a very unique feeling. It’s unusual because while “it’s only” a vacation, its affects are physical as well as psychological. I just recently met a couple of tourists from South Africa in the United States, where I too was visiting. They are in the midst of a 3 month vacation away from their home country; travelling through […]

The 4 Big Mistakes To Avoid

“Ship happens”, but there are a few simple things you can do to avoid the most common blunders. # 1 – The most common mistake can occur at the moment you decide to book your cruise. DO NOT pay the deposit you make to book your cruise, or make your final payment, using cash or […]

One Size Does Not Fit All

It’s likely that you’ve never tried on the underwear of a neighbor or friend (unless you’re a 12 or 13 year old girl). It’s also unlikely that you would think your friend’s favorite outfit would be perfect for you. But, it’s surprising just how many people will choose to cruise on a cruise line, or […]

The Anti-Cruise Campaign is a Stinker

I recently saw U.K.-based late night talk show with a host named Graham Norton. The show’s format was different from U.S. talk shows; it featured a sequence of taped celebrity interviews from different nights, but all edited together to look like one continuous show. I watched at least two-dozen segments with very big stars and […]

You Shouldn’t Cruise

You have to be kidding me! … That was my reaction this past week when a gentleman I was golfing with in a tournament told me it’s easy to give cruise advice now. He said: “Just tell them they shouldn’t cruise”. As one would no doubt expect, I nearly fell out of my golf cart.  But […]

Surprises That Await You

For first time cruisers there are many things which are going to surprise you. Whether you arrive at the port by bus, shuttle, or private vehicle, when you first arrive dockside, to see your ship, the first surprise is just how big that ship looks. And it doesn’t matter if you’re sailing on a smaller vessel, […]