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Archive for July, 2013

Fear of Flying – United

The tale I’m about to tell is comical; living it was farcical; and to me it was also frightening. What would your reaction be if after your flight has already been delayed by an hour, you’ve finally been seated on a commercial airliner, and the Captain makes an announcement that there is a weight distribution problem on your “potential” […]

Final Report On The Carnival Splendor Fire

Carnival responds to the official Coast Guard report on the Splendor fire. In November 2010 a fire aboard Carnival Splendor left the ship adrift in the Pacific Ocean. The ship suffered a complete loss of power, requiring emergency assistance from the Coast Guard, and the United States Navy by way of an aircraft carrier being […]

Cruising Is An Appetizer

Cruising is in fact one facet of the travel and tourism industry which ranks amongst the highest in satisfaction ratings from past clients. Though, naturally, it is not without complaints. One of the most common complaints is lack of time in port. Time in port is generally dictated by the proximity of the ports of call on any […]

Anyone Read The Cruise Contract?

Reading our message boards   ( , and those on any cruise related Internet message boards, you come across complaints from people about the manner with which cruise lines handle certain actions, in regard to things like itinerary changes. In these cases the resulting responses are often less than supportive. Rather, those who respond state that […]