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Archive for August, 2013

Help Getting Through Customs & Immigration, and Airport Security

I’ve just received my “NEXUS” card. “Nexus” is a part of the Global Entry “Trusted Traveler Program”. The “Trusted Traveler Program” is offered through the U.S. Customs and Border Protection service. “Nexus” is the name of the part of the program which applies to Canadian travelers, entering the United States and returning to Canada, as well […]

Is It Nickel & Diming, Or Is It Math?

In recent years a very common complaint is that the cruise lines are “nickel and diming” their customers. People generally just aren’t happy when they find there are so many “extras” to be paid for in addition to their cruise fare. The philosophy of businesses, and even governments, to user pay practices is not a new one. Sales taxes […]

Must Do’s Before You Cruise

Whether a first time cruiser, or a cruise veteran, excitement always build within you as your sailing date approaches. That somewhat holds true on other types of trips and vacations, but, at least for me (and I suspect others) for some reason it’s more intense when I’m waiting to cruise. I find that one of […]

Who’s The Cruise Nanny?

The term “cruise nanny” is not used here in regard to a family taking a caregiver on a cruise with them to care for the children. Almost every person, family,or group planning, booking, or organizing a cruise seems to have a “cruise nanny”. When you talk to friends who tell you they are going on a cruise, […]