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You’re Important To Us

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That phrase – You’re Important To Us – is a common motto of many businesses; but in cruising it’s a required ingredient.

It is the first, and final,  message every business wants to communicate to its clients. Failure to communicate that normally signals the failure of any transaction between a business and a client.

Nowhere is that more true than in the cruise industry. I believe that because I believe, that feeling of being “an important person” is what drives many people to choose to cruise in the first place, rather than other forms of vacation travel.

Perhaps it harkens back to the memories of when only the most very well healed (and therefore seemingly “important” people) were able to cruise. But in today’s world of cruising, when people board a cruise ship, a very important part of their perception is (at least temporarily) they are very important people, and they enjoy the perks of being treated as such.

The cruise line’s employees are trained to treat them as such. They’re trained to treat them as guests, not just passengers. They address guests as Sir or Ma’am; or Mr., Mrs., Miss.

As guests we do enjoy that. When, we perhaps, get closer to some of those serving us, we enjoy the ability to take a “generous view”, and tell them to feel free to address us by our first names.

Reading it, perhaps makes us sound pompous, and presumptuous.  But I do think we enjoy it, and enjoy the part of it that makes us  feel as though we are “important”.

On a cruise ship, with some minor exceptions, it doesn’t matter if you’re sailing in the least expensive cabin on board, the cruise lines business model is to make you feel important. And most of the time they are very good at their job.

In fact, when someone does leave a ship dissatisfied with their cruise, it’s not usually because of some single incident, or even series of incidents that displeased them. It is when the cruise lines do occasionally fail to make them feel important, or through their actions make them feel they are no longer important to them.

The most often heard report from dissatified cruisers, in fact,  is “they only care about you, until they have your money”.

That really translates to ” we’re not important to them”.

Even in the face of events on board that a guest may be unhappy with, most often, if the cruise lines can continue to make that customer feel important, even if they are unable to totally successfully address the customer complaint, the customers will leave the ship with an overall positive view of their experience.

If they leave them feeling unimportant, they are likely not going to be coming back.

– A View From The Kuki Side of Cruising –

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Comment from Bob
Time January 9, 2013 at 2:42 pm

In my limited experience (Carnival, Celebrity and Princess) I have always been “Mr. Bob” and I don’t have a difficult last name. This is fine with me but have encountered others who felt slighted because they were not Mr. Jones.

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