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One Size Does Not Fit All

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It’s likely that you’ve never tried on the underwear of a neighbor or friend (unless you’re a 12 or 13 year old girl). It’s also unlikely that you would think your friend’s favorite outfit would be perfect for you.

But, it’s surprising just how many people will choose to cruise on a cruise line, or particular ship, based soley on someone else’s choice of underwear or outfits. Well, not quite.

But many will book a cruise based almost entirely on that little amount of information.

The thing is, the most important decision you will make, which will have the ultimate affect on your enjoyment of your cruise vacation, is your choice of which ship to sail on. Just like underwear and outfits, you really want to find one that fits you, and your personality.

The cruise lines have done quite a stellar job during the last decade of identifying their ship’s personalities, and effectively making those personalities differentiate themselves from their fellow industry competitors.

Even ships within a cruise lines own fleet may be operationally very similar, yet, many of them do standout with their own personality idiosyncrasies; some of which you might love, and some less so.

If you’re investing your money and your time in your vacation, I think it’s of utmost importance to also invest in finding the cruise that is best equipped to supply you with the most satisfaction.

Admittedly there is plenty of misinformation out there that you have to sift through, and that is why I site like CruiseMates is invaluable.

The message boards, where people post up to date information about their recent cruises, and respond quickly to questions asked, are a great tool. And, if by chance misinformation is posted, other members of the community respond pretty quickly to point out inaccuracies.

Professional, trained travel agents, who are cruise specialists, are another excellent tool, who’s advice and services are available free of charge (in most cases).

Unlike many consumer products purchases, cruises are not something I believe is in your best interests to buy direct from the suppliers. The reason is simple; unlike travel agents, the cruise lines sales teams purpose is to sell you a cruise on their particular cruise line. They have no interest in finding one that fits you.  When you “step out of the dressing room”, whatever ship you are “wearing”, they are going to tell you it looks great.

Everyone has to find a cruise that meets the parameters of what comfortably fits in their budget. But, the cheapest isn’t always the best for you; nor necessarily is the most expensive.  Going to either extreme may leave you feeling like you are wearing your neighbor’s underwear… and stuff may pop out.

– A View From The Kuki Side of Cruising –

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Comment from Jim Rannazzisi
Time April 18, 2013 at 8:35 am

I agree with you that you can get some very current information via your message boards relative to cruising experiences of your participants. However, none of the people that post have a fiduciary responsibility towards the potential cruiser that the travel professional does. As you so aptly describe online order takers are the last place one should look for unbiased advice.

Comment from Kenneth Eden
Time April 19, 2013 at 5:45 am

With regard to on line order takers, as opposed to a bona fide travel agent, and one well versed in selling and promoting the cruise product, it highly advisable to use the agent, as pointed out above in the two posts.

Comparing a cruise or a ship to somebodys underwear is pretty good, if you can fathom all of the correlations and paradies they can have in common.

Soiled undies, be they your own or borrowed, can be as sullied as the wrong cruise for some people.

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