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How’s The Weather In…In…?

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Cruise anticipation is a very unique feeling. It’s unusual because while “it’s only” a vacation, its affects are physical as well as psychological.

I just recently met a couple of tourists from South Africa in the United States, where I too was visiting. They are in the midst of a 3 month vacation away from their home country; travelling through many of the resort cities and areas in the United States, including an Alaskan cruise.

Of course, when I hear the word cruise my ears perk up, and I pay more attention to the discussion.

I asked which ship they would be sailing in Alaska. “Celebrity I think” was the response.

That type of discussion, and response, is somehow oddly common place.

It might seem surprising that people who have planned such an extensive travel itinerary (and could tell me all the cities they were going to be stopping in) couldn’t recall the name of the ship they were going to be taking.

Over time I have met or had email contact with many people who aren’t traveling so extensively, but who are just planning or anticipating a cruise, and also can’t tell me the name of the ship they are anticipating.

In my mind there’s a couple of plausible explanations; one – is that the trip is so long and varied that it’s difficult to recall every detail. The other is that because the cruise portion is going to be so simple and well taken care of, by it’s nature,  it’s not necessary to remember the minutia.

Yet, when I meet (or communicate) with many of these people, and they learn what I do, they usually have plenty of questions. Some of which can be very entertaining.

Probably  the most common, and one of my favorites is, ” What’s the weather like in (place) in (date)?”

So they have a cruise travel writer “in front of them”, with 65+ cruises of experience, with what some may consider a wealth of information about cruising available, and they want me to be a weatherman…

The one job where,  world wide, you’re allowed to be wrong – and probably are – 95% of the time, and not be fired.

Come to think of it, it’s a job I’m probably well suited for.

– A View From The Kuki Side of Cruising –

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