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Who’s A Cruise Expert?

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It amazes me how so many people can tell you exactly how many cruises they’ve been on.

While they may not be able to tell you the birth-dates of their children, they can tell you how many cruises, which ships, and what type of cabin they had on each – sometimes, even recite the various cabin numbers.

I’m not one of those. I can’t tell you the birth-dates of my children,  nor can I tell you exactly how many cruises I’ve been on. Somewhere over 60 I think. Does that make me an expert? No, I don’t think so. It only makes me lucky.

Over 60 is a lot of times to repeat any activity. Yet, if I said I’d done over 60 driving vacations, or been camping over 60 times, no one would care.

I love cruisers. Overall, when you’re on a ship, the people are friendly, looking to have a good time, and have a relaxed attitude. But, the one area where we’re weird is when at the first opportunity in the conversation we’re inclined to tell the people we’re talking to how many cruises we’ve been on.

In “days gone by” if you had been on many cruises it may have meant you were wealthy; because cruises used to be quite expensive, and generally only the wealthy cruised.

But, in today’s world, where cruising is inexpensive enough that it’s available to “the masses”,  people who cruise often are just regarded as cruise enthusiasts; old – with lots of time to cruise; or unemployed – with lots of time to cruise (well, ok maybe not the unemployed, because it does take money).

It is getting much harder to find first time cruisers on board, that you can impress by telling them how many cruises you’ve been on, and that you are basically now an expert on the subject of cruising.

In fact, on the contemporary cruise lines, you’re just as likely to meet people who have been on more cruises than you, as you are meeting first timers.

Why, I remember meeting some people who’ve told me it was their 19th cruise on the same ship. Say what? (Now that’s a hard one for me to understand).

These days the truly devoted “cruise trackers” keep count of  how many days at sea they’ve sailed. They feel it’s “unfair” to include the short cruises to boost your “cruise expert cred”, so they found a way to do an end around by counting days. It actually impresses me that they can count and remember all those days at sea, when I can’t manage to count the days left until the weekend.

But really… if we’re going to go that far, shouldn’t we also be noting a differential between days at sea, and days  in port. Do we deduct for those odd overnights in a port of call?

So, who’s opinions should you trust? Who should be recognized as a cruise expert?

Several years ago, Gene Sloan, who writes the Cruise Log for USA Today, referred to an article I wrote for CruiseMates. He referred to me as an “industry watcher”. I kind of liked the tag. But, I guess that means I’m no expert. And I admit, I am no expert.

But I have been able to keep track of the fact I’ve been working on writing this blog for 3 days – and there’s 3 days left until the weekend. Of course that depends on which days you count.

– A View From The Kuki Side of Cruising –

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Comment from Kenneth Eden
Time May 19, 2013 at 6:02 am

Having taken more than 80 cruises, I am always perplexed with the passenger that is having a lousy time on the ship in which I meet them – not that I personally seek these people out, mind you.

I do not offer tips or suggestions for cruises, I just have to put up with their particular gripes. Gripes are many, and different per person or couple et cetera. Not all peoples gripes are bad, just the “wrong” ship for them, they love cruises and will still cruise, it is the “I will never take a cruise again” passenger that irks me.

I have had my share of dud cruises over the years, some far back, some incredibly recent, one on a cruise line I LOVED, that after one poor cruise, the second worse, the third with that line unacceptable, thus I will not return to that line. It is a popular line, but no longer for me. Move on? Yes.

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