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How To Entertain Yourself

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One of the attractions for many cruise ship passengers is the variety of entertainment available on board; including stage shows, featured performers, comedy shows, dance bands or individual soloists in the ship’s lounges, poolside games, gyms, spas, areas for sports, etc.

Sometimes there is so much going on one has to check the ship’s daily schedules, with a highlighter pen in hand, to choose those events and activities which appeal to you, that you want to be sure not to miss.

But, if you’re like me, there are times you may want to step outside of the box, and entertain yourself, or those in the group you might be sailing with. Here’s a few suggestions of things I have found have worked for me to entertain myself.

One of my favorites – If we happen to be “catching some rays”, laying out on deck by the pool,  we’ll often play “Look there’s —— “.

It’s a well known fact, in my mind, that every person has near identical doubles, triples, or more wandering this planet; or at the very least look-a-likes. So, the game if “Look there’s —–” is based entirely on this premise.

It’s simple really. You relax on deck by the pool, and watch for people who happen to look like someone you know. When you spot one, you excitedly proclaim, Look! There’s (insert name).

If you’re playing with a group of friends, you can award points based on how many people in the group agree with your judgement, and deduct points if no one else in the group sees the similarity.

Then the person with the least number of points has to buy a round of drinks. If you’re playing the game by yourself, you just buy yourself another drink for each person you recognize. And in that situation it doesn’t really matter if your judgement is accurate or not.

Another fun activity is to shop on board without ever actually going into any of the shops, or spending any money. This is most easily done while out on one of the outdoor decks.

Mrs. Kuki and I are both big fans of different styles and colors of flip-flops. They are very hot in fashion at the moment and a most popular form of footwear on cruise ships.

If we happen to see someone walk by in a pair of flip-flops we admire, I follow them. Then, if I’m lucky, they’ll stop somewhere, take off the flip-flops I’ve been admiring to step into the pool or something similar. When they do, I have to quickly asses those flip-flops to decide if they’d best fit me or Mrs. Kuki.

I then, take the flip-flops, and head back to Mrs. Kuki’s location,  for us to try them on.  We admire them, check them to determine their level of comfort, then return them to where we took them… hopefully before the owner returns, and is looking for them.

If they happen to get back before me, it creates the opportunity for a new game; making up excuses of how you “found them” and were returning them. I don’t suggest sticking around long enough for the person to ask how you knew they were theirs.

It’s not necessary to limit this game to flip-flops if you’re not into them. It can be just as much fun replacing them with cover-ups, books, magazines, etc.

Yet another activity I enjoy, and I find is a great way for meeting new people, is to simply wander through the seating areas by the buffets with a fork.

You just wander amongst the tables where people are eating, and walk up (with your fork), point at something on their plate, and ask them if it’s OK if you taste it.  That makes for a great ice-breaker with strangers, and even more fun if they say yes.

Though the fun can diminish if anyone calls security.

Do you have any other suggestions for fun ways you like to entertain yourself on board?

– A View From The Kuki of Cruising –





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Comment from Kenneth Eden
Time June 12, 2013 at 6:44 am

My, clipping some ones flip flops conjures up all sorts of posibilites, mainly toe and foot ailments – could this be a precursor to norovirus, from foot to foot to ………

Seriously, as off – amusing as coping the flips may seem, it is seriously inane to actually think a person with any sense of humor could let flip flop pilfering be a past time. Think of where the seemingly innocent floppers may have walked through, or, what have beeen done while using or wearing them.

If I get that bored, and in over 80 cruises, I do get bored aboard, I seek the privacy of my balcony, read, nap and secretly listen to whats being said on either side of my balcony. Now, thats where you get the real flip with the flop!

Comment from Mike Mastellar
Time June 12, 2013 at 7:09 am

I think quite a few people were playing “Look there’s….” on a lot of my cruises. I’d walk by a people on the pool deck and they’d say: “Look there’s Sasquatch”. 🙂 My wife and I have played: “Real or Not Real” a few times and “Guess the Nationality”.

Take care,

Comment from Kenneth Eden
Time June 13, 2013 at 6:02 am

On the SAGAFJORD one night without any notice, Post it Notes were placed on photos on display, the ones you buy, with mostly harmless sayings on the notes, that somehow were in relationship to the photo –

This was before closed circuit cameras, and before the photos were locked up at night – things were a lot more relaxed in those days.

What a riot when the captions were seen –
I was not one of the captioners.

Comment from reg babin
Time June 15, 2013 at 5:24 am

my wife and I have been known to play “real or not real” as well, though people watching is always a great pastime, and not just limited to cruise ships. The airports are great, and closer to home, the local Wal-Mart!

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