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Who’s The Cruise Nanny?

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The term “cruise nanny” is not used here in regard to a family taking a caregiver on a cruise with them to care for the children.

Almost every person, family,or group planning, booking, or organizing a cruise seems to have a “cruise nanny”.

When you talk to friends who tell you they are going on a cruise, and you ask for details, you will recognize the “cruise nanny” immediately, as well as the ones who are not.

Some will tell you they are going on a cruise to the Caribbean (or Europe, or Asia, or the Med, etc.). But, when you press for any details, like which ship, they may know which cruise line, but will often have no idea of the ship name.; what type of cabin they have booked; what ports they will be visiting; and will have no idea of what types of tours they are going to do. They may or may not know how much they are paying for the cruise.

These folks are fortunate enough to have a cruise nanny in their midst.

In one household, it’s rare indeed to have both members of a couple know all the details of an upcoming cruise. And it’s not a gender thing determining who is or is not in control, and knowledgeable of the details.

Yes, there are rare instances where a couple discuss all aspects of a proposed future cruise, but the more likely conversation is :

“Let’s go on a cruise.”


And a few days later … ” I booked our cruise”.

“OK, when and where”? And often, until it comes time to cruise that may be the only question asked.

In our home I am the “cruise nanny”. There will be some prior discussion about where and when we are going, but after that, other than Mrs. Kuki being our expert packer, all the other details are left to me to deal with and make the arrangements.

Even when cruising with a group of friends, the group will usually rely on the “cruise nanny” to handle most of the details of organization, choosing cabin locations, setting up tours, and sometimes even to tell group members what to pack.

Like in most organized group activities, even on land, everyone likes someone else to do the work, and make many of the decisions. They love to have everything taken care of for them. And more important they like some else to be responsible, and someone to assign blame to if things go “off the rails” at all.

That is one of the pitfalls of being the “cruise nanny”.  Whether it’s a couple cruising together, a family, or a group  of friends, if someone is unhappy with any element, they expect their “cruise nanny” to make it right.

The control freaks initially like to be the “cruise nanny”. They want to hold the reigns, and be the one making the decisions. We often actually enjoy, and get a chuckle from the actions and inactions of our “flock” when they ask all the wrong questions, if they ask any at all.

We’re a bit flabbergasted that we even know people who don’t know where they are going, on what ship, any dining arrangements that we may have made, and what they are going to do when they get there. It’s a mentality we simply don’t understand, but it can bring a smile to our faces, and sometimes provide a good guffaw.

“Cruise nannies” do like the responsibility of the decision making, and controlling the details.  And if later things go a bit awry, and people get upset with us, we have an easy out to slough off the responsibility by telling ourselves these people have to have been really foolish for not paying attention to any of the details of the plan… and the possible repercussions.

So, as “cruise nannies” we’re good to go either way.

Though I do remember the time it took me more than a month to smooth things over with Mrs. Kuki, when on one trip, I flew Business Class, while she flew Coach.

NOTE – I did borrow the term “cruise nanny” from one of our Blog readers, Kennth Eden, who had posted it in a response to another blog. But I had to steal it, because it’s so appropriate, and made me smile.

– A View From The Kuki Side of Cruising –



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Comment from Kennth Eden
Time July 17, 2013 at 4:55 am

I love it!

Comment from Mike Mastellar
Time August 7, 2013 at 9:26 am

You’ve hit the nail right on the head with this one. I am the “Cruise Nanny” for our cruises. My wife definitely knows where we are going but rarely knows, or even cares, what ship we are going on. She also doesn’t care what class of cabin it is, as long as it has a balcony.

I see a lot of type A “cruise nannies” who are gob smacked when someone doesn’t know the name of the ship, category of cabin or name of every port. These people have a “cruise nanny” and that’s a good thing. They probably enjoy themselves more.

I also get a bit taken back by some of us cruise nannies. Sometimes things are planned so tightly that if anything deviates from the plan they can’t handle it and it’s a “vacation disaster”. Over planning is as bad as under planning. Especially if you can’t deviate from the plan.

I think we should all be grateful for cruise nannies. I wish I had one. 🙂

Take care,

Comment from Richard Baker
Time August 14, 2013 at 12:49 pm

I am the cruise nanny almost every time. But if someone else is able to do the job well, I step aside.

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