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Cruise Thinking

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Take normal, reasonable, clear thinking individuals; wait until they are booked or going on a cruise, and their mind almost automatically take a turn.

Cruise thinking takes over from reason and rational. Even their vocabulary changes and adjusts. They suddenly start talking in cruise lingo in reference to pretty much any topic.

If someone books a flight on an airplane, are there internet or social media sites they immediately visit to see if there are other strangers on their flight who may want to meet for a drink in an airport lounge prior to boarding the airplane?

If you’re planning a family camping trip do you encourage your children to search the internet to see if they might find other families who are going to be in the same campground?

Or, if your vacation is to an all-inclusive resort do you attempt to organize a meeting with people you don’t know when you arrive?

The answers to the above are no. In fact, if anyone actually asked you those questions it would probably result in a incredulous look on your face. That’s because cruise thinking hasn’t taken control. You still have a rational mind.

Book a cruise and suddenly family birthdays, anniversaries, etc. become unimportant. Suddenly the only date that has any priority for you to remember is the date your final payment is due. It is spoken about as if you were expecting a new child; it is referred to as your “due date”.

As soon as a cruise is booked the body suffers a physiological trigger of the shopping gene. It sets off a need to start making a list of everything you must buy that you think you need for your cruise. Buying new things for your cruise is suddenly more important than buying groceries.

Those new to cruising think about their upcoming ability to “dine” 13 times a day if they choose. More experienced cruisers are planning which appetizers, entrees, or desserts they are going to order multiples of when they are served.

Cruisers all want to meet the Captain of the ship, or even dine with them, and think of it as honor. Yet, these same people would never stop by the cockpit when entering an airplane to meet the Captain. Anyone ever have an overwhelming desire to share their tiny bag of pretzels with the pilot?  Nor do people have any goal of meeting the manager when staying at a hotel or resort.

As one’s sailing date nears, the dominance of cruise thinking becomes even more clear.

No one wants to be a friend of someone who is cruising soon.

A friend may ask “How’s the family?”, and a cruiser will respond with a list of every item each family member is packing for their cruise. . Talk about political strife around the world and the cruiser will wonder aloud if it will affect their ship’s itinerary.

Without fail every comment or conversation seems to automatically get related to cruising. It’s just the way it is. No one likes a cruise thinker….. unless they are cruising with them.

– A View From The Kuki Side Of Cruising –








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Comment from Kenneth Eden
Time September 18, 2013 at 7:12 am

Could these unsufferable souls turn into complainers during the cruise, due to the fact that they may have inadvertently psyched themselves to a frenzy before they even left home? Over expecting?

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