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Cruising Takes Skill

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The uninitiated think, when compared to other forms of travel and vacation, cruising requires no skill.

I could just say they were right. But then I’d have to come up with a new topic for this week’s Blog.

It is possible to book, then go on a cruise, and likely enjoy the experience, with no skills; giving little thought to planning, and executing the plan. So, it should indeed be noted that even the most incompetent person can cruise.

However, like any undertaking, there are skills we can learn and use to make the experience even more enjoyable, and worry free.

I thought, to address this situation I would offer some multiple choice skill testing questions in an attempt to help you identify and quantify your level of cruise skills.

When booking your cruise do you:

A. Look for recommendations from friends and family, who you know have cruised before, for the name and contact information of a qualified travel agent?

B. Look in a phone book under Travel Agents, and pick the first one that has the word Cruise in their name?

C. Book it while you are grocery shopping at your favorite big box store to save time?

D. Go to Happy Hour at your favorite neighborhood pub and ask if anyone knows a travel agent?

When choosing your cruise, do you:

A. Discuss the many options available of both ships, and itineraries with you travel agent, in order to find the cruise that may suit you best.

B. Google cruise lines, and check all the cruise line web sites, sifting through all the information available to pick a ship that goes where you might want to go, and still offers all the amenities you are looking for?

C. See an ad on television and call to book that great looking ship you saw, and tell them you want to go to places you have heard of before?

D. Go to Happy Hour at your favorite neighborhood pub and ask the bartender or waiter/waitress if they’ve ever been anywhere before?

When considering Travel Insurance, do you:

A. Research, and carefully check the terms and conditions of various policies available from different insurance providers to find the policy which best covers your situation?

B. Make sure you buy trip cancellation insurance (because you’re young and healthy, and can save some money)?

C. Call every insurance provider you can find and ask if they also include an all you can drink beverage package?

D. Go to Happy Hour at your favorite neighborhood pub, and spend that “insurance money” on a fun night out?

During the planning stages for you cruise, do you:

A. Carefully lay out a budget that will be acceptable to your overall financial situation, which will include your souvenir purchases, activities for your ports of call, and some extra “fun money” for occasional casino visits, drinks on the beach, or unforeseen expenses.

B. Agree that you will play it by ear, but think of bypassing some activities or purchases on the trip in order to keep your spending in check.

C. Accept the fact you are going to be deep in debt after paying all the bills related to your cruise, and just set out to enjoy it all until later.

D. Go to Happy Hour at your favorite neighborhood pub and spend the money set aside for your cruise expenses.

Once you’re on board the ship, do you:

A. Carefully read through the ship’s daily program which is delivered to your cabin, and note and highlight the activities you’d like to see or participate in?

B. Check all the restaurant and dining room times, and count all the opportunities you’ll have to eat, and make certain you take advantage of all them, with little regard for other entertainment or activities you may be missing?

C. Buy a drink package as soon as you arrive (if one was not included by your travel insurance provider) and set your primary goal on board is to get your money’s worth?

D. Go to Happy Hour at your favorite bar on the ship, and spend $200 on drinks, while asking the bartender if the drink package available is worth it?

Statistical analysis of responses:

If you have read all the questions above and answered A, B, C, or D to any of the questions, you have wasted quite a bit of your time, and are at least somewhat incompetent,  but quite qualified to cruise, because you obviously enjoy everything having to do with cruising. That is the first, and most important skill necessary.

– A View From The Kuki Side of Cruising –



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