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Admittedly the cruise industry reputation has taken a hit the last year or so with several high profile incidents; from the sadly tragic Costa Concordia (where 32 lives were lost, and the Captain is currently on trial), to mechanical breakdowns that left ships adrift.

I’m certainly not trying to diminish the seriousness of these incidents, though I do believe that after “Concordia” some media tried to overstate the danger of some of the later events.

These types of incidents, in fact, are rare, not common. And the various cruise lines that had ships involved did a terrible job of handling the public relations of these situations, by being less than forthright from the beginning. They were left running from behind, and thus the image of cruising took a major hit, especially in the eyes of people who have never cruised.

The real truth is that guest satisfaction surveys always reveal incredibly high satisfaction ratings from cruise line customers.

Yes, there are always going to be complaints of various problems which can occur during a cruise. That’s why there is a guest relations desk manned on every ship.

I have been writing about cruising, and following the industry for 14 years now. And if like me, you follow cruise related social media and cruise web sites like CruiseMates, and reading user reviews and reports, it’s my experience that the most common complaints on the ship are not about the food, service, customer relations, or problems with the ship (though naturally there are some). But the most common complaints are about other passengers.

That is because on a ship , by it’s very nature, a small closed community is created for the duration of the cruise, and everyone depends on their fellow passengers to keep that community functioning smoothly. Those few who don’t contribute to that, via their bad manners or bad behavior stand out incredibly easily.

I can theorize endlessly as to why this seems to me to be a continuously growing trend. I haven’t been able to find any studies or research to back up, or disprove, my position.

But I continue to see my views verified by the reports coming back from actual users of the product- cruisers.

– A View From The Kuki Side of Cruising –

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passenger would be more apt than customers

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