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Archive for February, 2014

Things No One Knows About Cruising

Within the pages and archives on CruiseMates one can find almost any information in existence regarding the cruise experience. Now it’s time to remove the “almost” from that sentence. I’m about to reveal the things about cruising that no one knew about, until now… For example, did you know that prior to a new ship […]

Time For Thoughts Of Romance

With Valentine’s Day just days away, it’s time to talk about romance. And if you’ve surprised your “babe” with a cruise, there’s some tips for you here. The reputation of time at sea, from the beginning, has included thoughts of adventure, danger, and romance. More recently, with the advent of the cruise industry, romance has […]

What You Shouldn’t Do In Port

There are already plenty of existing articles (many of which I wrote myself) offering advice on what to do during your visits in different ports of  call.  Now it’s time for me to offer some advice on what NOT to do while visiting a port. The most important thing not to do in a port […]