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Time For Thoughts Of Romance

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With Valentine’s Day just days away, it’s time to talk about romance. And if you’ve surprised your “babe” with a cruise, there’s some tips for you here.

The reputation of time at sea, from the beginning, has included thoughts of adventure, danger, and romance. More recently, with the advent of the cruise industry, romance has no doubt climbed up the ladder of the sea going thought process.

Whether “old married couples”, or a young couple’s burgeoning relationship, romance at sea becomes a large part of their cruise experience.

There’s things you can do to enhance that experience, and there’s mistakes you make in your attempt to enhance that experience. This week I’ll offer suggestions which may positively affect your ability to heighten the romantic attitude on your  cruise, and to point out some mistakes you may want to avoid.

The very first action you take that will have an affect on setting the entire romantic tone of your trip is your choice in cabin type. The very best choices are, of course, the most expensive; a balcony cabin or a suite. That choice is an automatic ignition switch for preparing for romance.

If you are just in a budding new relationship, the worst mistake you can make with regard to your cabin choice, is asking your partner to split the cost of the cabin, or even worse, ask them to pay for you. Over the years that move cost me 3 relationships.

If your budget dictates a lesser cabin category that does not sound the death knell of romance. There are still plenty of things available to make up for any lost ground.

You could have your cabin decorated for your arrival, or have a bottle of champagne and chocolate covered strawberries waiting, or even a nice bouquet of flowers with a personal message waiting, or even just a personal sentimental note that you slip onto the desk. Any of those things will at least light a spark of romance.

What you don’t want to do is open your cabin door, and ask your partner to stay and unpack, while you go to a bar up on deck and have 8 or 10 Margaritas, and meet up later for the safety drill in only your underwear and lifejacket. And even worse, if you’re wearing only your underwear and lifejacket, with someone else on your arm, in the same condition.

Another possibility for some time in a romantic setting on board is an evening in some of the alternate restaurants available on the ship. It can be quite simple to speak to the restaurant Maître D and request a reservation for a table for 2 in a quiet corner of the restaurant. Some of these alternate restaurants are designed to create the most refined ambiance on the ship, and with a table for 2 you can take advantage, enjoying the fine dining, while at the same time directing all your attentions to your partner. Just the fact you went “the extra mile” to make the arrangements, and chose to do so for just the two of you, sets the seed for romance to grow.

You should understand that telling your partner you’ve decided to take them to buffet for your anniversary dinner, or their birthday celebration, won’t have quite as much of a dramatic affect on the romantic tone. That can be made even worse by telling your loved one to eat without you as you have an urgent need to play the slot machines in the casino.

On most ships you can arrange for a renewal of your vows, often officiated by the Captain of the ship. If you can arrange this secretly, as a surprise, the move may supply the ultimate romantic spark. For the unmarried, the equivalent move would, of course, be a proposal of marriage during a moonlit walk on deck. Pick a lovely, secluded, dimly lit spot on deck, where the moonlight glistens off of your eyes, or better yet, reflects beautifully off of the ring you are holding.

What you don’t want to do in either of these scenarios is get so tongue-tied you begin blathering on about how much better you used to have it. Even worse would be breaking up with someone before the cruise ends.

– A View From The Kuki Side of Cruising –


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