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The Cruise Countdown

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Whether you’re a first time cruiser, or an old salt regular who cruises often, one of the most exciting parts of your cruise experience is the cruise countdown.

It might seem odd that I refer to the countdown as a part of the cruise experience. But it certainly is, and the main reason it is, is that the planning and anticipation normally runs on much longer than your actual time on the ship.

The tingling sensation starts even before you book, and then continues to build in veracity as your sail date nears.

There’s an initial excitement, mixed with a bit of apprehension, as you sort through all the options and make your decision on which ship to sail, and which cabin to book. Then there’s a period of calm once the decision is made, and you’ve put down your deposit.

It all starts to build again as you visit your cruise line’s web site to fill out all the online documentation required before you cruise. It’s all suddenly becoming more real.

You can’t help it; your mind begins to be filled with images of smooth sandy beaches, or frozen glacial formations, or historical sights, depending on which itinerary you’ve chosen. The urge to research and get into more detailed planning becomes almost overwhelming, and your time spent online doing so, increases three fold.

As you do so, more questions pop into your head.

What should we do in port? What should we pack? How much money should we bring? How much are my favourite drinks going to cost? What colour shoes do I need? …and on and on. And your time spent online increases X 2.

Once your final payment is made, and you know it’s real, your heart begins to beat just a little faster. You realize that after all the research and all the questions you’ve had, it’s getting very close to the time you have to make some decisions on the answers you’ve found, and that just leads to more questions.

It’s not that it’s really that complicated, it’s just that now you are approaching full countdown mode.

You proceed to book some tours, finalize dining time options; putting all your final plans into place, and rather than it all having a calming effect, you find you’re getting even more excited (if that’s possible).

Then you realize you’ve forgotten to put a countdown clock in all the messages and questions you’ve bee posting on the Internet message boards.

You find, and insert a countdown clock into your message board signature file, and suddenly your countdown is real.

You check it every day, to see exactly how many days are left until you cruise. Silly! …like you didn’t know.

– A View From The Kuki Side of Cruising –

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Comment from Tim Butler
Time March 14, 2014 at 9:39 pm

I miss having the cruise documents being sent to the house. I used to get really excited when they arrived!

Comment from Lenny V
Time April 15, 2014 at 3:10 pm

We have done 27 cruises most with Carnival, I still have almost as much fun planning and booking as I do actually going. I still get very excited on embarkation day. As soon as we enter the lobby of the ship on embarkation day its like ,well I’m home now.

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