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Dynamic Dining Issues

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Just a few weeks ago, in this space, I wrote about Royal Caribbean’s announcement of the “Dynamic Dining” programs which were going to be introduced on their upcoming new ships, Quantum and Anthem of the Seas.

In that blog I theorized “Dynamic Dining” would be the next step toward the eventual disappearance of the “traditional”  large cruise ship dining rooms on the majority of mass market cruise ships. I rather enthusiastically endorse the growing idea of having more dining variety choices on ships. However, the systems are going to have be worked through in order to assure efficiency.

And though it’s probably too early to predict – and too early to criticize RCI’s yet, since these ships are not even sailing yet – there are some issues already being reported and discussed on our message boards (by people already booked on these ships). These reports are stating that, though months away from their sailing dates, many people are unable to find space available in the restaurants onboard is already limited to the less desirable dining times.  On some sailings, in the cost included restaurants, there are already no dining times available until after 9 P.M., and in some cases even later. Not only are these dining times not attractive to a vast majority of cruisers, but they are apparently also concerned because of the apparent conflicts they will create with the entertainment schedules.

RCI has yet to make public if more popular dining times are not available for reservations because they are keeping open a large percentage of those times for booking once onboard. Though they have released statements that they will work with “groups” to assure they are dining together… which also is going to require some tricky balancing with smaller dining venues, even if there are more of them.

But, it does at least appear for now, that if you’re booked on the Quantum or Anthem of the Seas, you had best book your dining reservations as soon as you are eligible to do so, or you may be faced with some very limited choices. And those who don’t even think about making their dining reservations in advance, may be faced with a true dynamic dining dilemma – being left with no choices.

As the system is introduced and further developed, RCI may come through with some quick stepping, quick thinking remedies to these perceived issued.  They had better, because if not, the “dine in whatever restaurant you want, with whom you want, when you want, with an abundance of choices” philosophy will quickly fall flat and those tremors can quickly have a significant impact on it’s customer base.

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