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Years ago you could hit golf balls off of the stern of the ship into the sea. That’s no longer available.

But, coming in 2015 golfers will be able to cruise while getting golf instruction from Jim Maclean, one of the world’s most acclaimed teachers in the game.

Golfers (like me) are obsessive and compulsive about golf.

Admittedly non-golfers have a hard time understanding the devotees dedication to the game, even when it’s obvious that ” their golfers” don’t really have the ability to master the game.

But we golfers are always ready to do almost anything to improve “our game”.  We always seem ready to spend a small fortune on the newest, latest and greatest, equipment that promises to add distance to our shots, and improve our chances of hitting the ball even a little bit closer to our actual target.

The truly dedicated (read addicted) among us will occasionally travel to golf schools, or camps,  in an attempt to fine tune elements of our game. We’re happy to immerse ourselves for a period of time, from a few hours, to a few days, to get tips and training exercises, to reduce our scores even slightly.

Why? Because the game is such, that all of us, from young golfers looking for perfection, to old “duffers” like me, draw pleasure from those times (in my case those odd times) when we hit that ball “right on the screws”, and get to watch it go where you intended it to go, and act like you intended it to act.

Like almost all activities in life, one’s goal is to “hit the sweet spot”, and the more often you do, the more pleasure you derive. The drive to achieve that  feeling is what drives golfers.

Now, thanks to a partnerships between theme cruise specialists, Landry & Kling, and Jim Maclean Golf Schools, there is an opportunity to attend golf camp at sea aboard the luxurious Celebrity Equinox, sailing June 28 – July 4, 2015 – cruising from Rome to Barcelona.

This trip can help the golfer “hit the sweet spot” of both cruising on a superb ship, enjoying travel in Europe, while receiving superb, professional, and in depth instruction from Jim Maclean,- recognized for decades as one of the top golf instructors in the world – and his top instructors, drawn from his 11 highly rated golf schools world wide.

“My customized ‘Golf School At Sea’ will offer total game improvement focusing on full swing, short game, and course management; all while sailing to some of the most alluring ports in Europe,” McLean said. “This will be the voyage of a lifetime!”

During the cruise, 144 golfers will have access to 10 hours of onboard instruction with Jim McLean and his instruction staff, and improve their skills ashore on championship golf courses. Instructors will utilize the Jim McLean teaching method and state-of-the-art golf instruction technology.

For information on full pricing, booking info, details, itineraries , and amenities included  in this Maclean Golf School @ Sea  cruise check out: OR visit 

Since 1982, Landry & Kling Inc. has provided cruise solutions and custom planning for ship buy-outs, incentive cruises, all kinds of cruise meetings, theme cruises and dockside ship charters for global events.

I have had the pleasure of sailing several golf themed cruises in Europe, and I highly recommend the experience. They are also wonderful if there are non-golfers in the group, as the tours available on this itinerary are fantastic. So a cruise like this can easily make the golfer a happy camper, and still satisfy any of the non-golfers in the crowd.

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