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Why Seniors Should Cruise

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Before anyone gets up in arms accusing me of ageism ( before even reading this piece).  And prior to the “Grey Army”  being given its marching orders, to rebut  me full force,  I want to make it clear, I am myself a senior.

I’m one of you;  a card carrying member of AARP.

My hair is fully white-grey, and I wake up every day with a different part of my body hurting. So, as “one of you” I want to offer you 10 good reasons for seniors  to cruise, if in reasonably good health.

– #1 – There’s not many places we can vacation with so many public washrooms close by. And if your need happens to be urgent when you’re on Lido Deck, several hot tubs are usually near.

– #2 – Passenger deck hallways are significantly narrower on cruise ships than they are in hotels.  This makes it much harder for us to tip over. There may be some minor bruising from bumping into walls, but we  need less people nearby to help us get up.

# 3 – I do recommend cabins with private balconies for seniors. Interior, or even ocean view cabins can be problematic, as senior’s flatulence can be devastating.

– #4 – The toilets in the cabins on a ship are excellent for seniors. If we are having one of those days where it’s just a bit difficult to do our duty, we just have to sit on the toilet and flush. They  will suck it out of us.

– #5 – Entertainment on cruise ships is generally very good, and varied. For seniors, perhaps the best (if unexpected) entertainment is finding one’s cabin. We can easily while away hours each day trying our key in cabin doors on the wrong deck.

Another entertainment form for seniors is spending time at the Guest Relations Desk, voicing complaints, real or imagined. This experience provides us with excellent opportunities for social interaction if we aren’t travelling with a group.

– # 6 –  During ports of call shore excursions present a simple and easy means for seniors to explore the area. They also are designed in such a way as the seniors are easily able to control the pace of the tour to ensure their enjoyment.

If you feel the tour you’ve chosen is leaving too early, you can disembark the ship, board your assigned bus, and then tell them you’ve left some necessary medication in your cabin. You can then return to the ship, and  go enjoy a leisurely breakfast, before returning to your bus to begin your tour.

While visiting a particular site on a tour, if the tour has not allowed ample time for sovernir shopping on their schedule, one can feel free to make time to touch every item in every nearby shop or kiosk. Everyone else on the tour will be happy to wait for you before departing.

– #7 – The dining experience on ships is also incredibly well suited to seniors. The service staff are generally very caring; very well trained, and experienced in dealing with seniors. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve personally experienced service staff stopping by often, to ask me if anything is alright.

– # 8 – Cruise ships create a wonderful environment which often serves as a catalyst for romance for both young and old.  In the evenings you’ll often see young couples on a leisurely walk around the outside decks, holding hands and gazing at the moon and stars.  For seniors the experience can be very similar, though I recommend holding on to the railings instead of hands, and looking at where you’re walking instead of star gazing.

– #9 – A very nice touch for a relationship  is to renew your vows while on a cruise.  It is very easy to arrange to arrange this type of ceremony onboard, often with the ship’s Captain officiating.  The only difficulties you may encounter are remembering which person in attendance is your spouse, or if you start questioning yourself about why you married them originally.

– #10 – I did have 10 reasons when I started this piece, but… oh well… a senior moment.

– A View From The Kuki Side of Cruising –

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Time August 28, 2014 at 7:07 am

I love cruising, have been on 25, however now a widow and there is no one who can go with me. why don’t cruise lines have single cabins for people like me that wouldn’t have to pay the same as if there were two. this is a problem

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