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It’s Great To Celebrate On A Cruise

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Thankfully during the course of our lives we have many life events we celebrate. The celebration of many of those life events are easily arranged and enjoyed on cruise ships.

Birthdays are a great reason to celebrate. They occur every year, so we’re supplied with an annual reason to indulge ourselves. To celebrate you can go out for dinner with friends, or arrange to surprise your friend, spouse or family member (or try to) with some form of birthday party. Or you can plan ahead, and get your family or friends to go on a cruise, and let the entire duration of the cruise be your celebration. You tell me- – what’s better a party for a couple of hours, or a week on a ship?

Personally. I’d give up all the gifts in exchange for a week long party. Heck, I’m willing to celebrate the birthdays of people I don’t even like if it means I get to go on a cruise.

I particularly enjoy celebrating the birthdays of my children on cruises. ( note -I highly recommend leaving the children at home with their grandparents or other family members, and celebrating their birthdays at sea without them present).

Getting married on ships, or in ports of call, is a growing segment of the celebratory cruise market. There are plenty  of options to choose from. And making the arrangements can be accomplished relatively smoothly. You can use wedding planners who specialize in cruise ship weddings, and work with the cruise lines directly to ensure your onboard marriage ceremony goes smoothly, or work directly with the cruise lines. Both ways allow those getting married and their guests to relax and enjoy it. There’s presently many ships with wedding chapels on board, and many that will allow the Captain to officiate as you say your vows.

You can even arrange to have your wedding in port, before the ship embarks on it’s voyage, and have family and friends come on board to enjoy the wedding, even if they are not cruising with you.

Wedding in ports of call are slightly more difficult to arrange, though with a bit of research it’s easy to find companies in almost every port of call that will make all the arrangements for you. The only danger is if weather conditions, or other unforeseen circumstances cause the  ship to skip its scheduled visit to that port.

The advantage, of course, if that circumstance happens to occur, is both the bride and groom get extra time to realize that marriage to that person would be a terrible mistake, and have time to arrange for separate cabins for the duration of the cruise, and back out. From someone who has, to this point, been married for 32 years,,  marriage is not all that’s it’s cracked up to be. (I don’t mean that honey… if you’re reading this).

Which leads me to the next great occasion to celebrate at sea; anniversaries.

Every week on ships, there are couples renewing their wedding vows, for their anniversary celebration.  It’s very romantic to stand and restate your love for each other while at sea. Mrs. Kuki and I have chosen not to try this option yet, as we’re both not so sure we’d say yes again. If you’re planning to avail yourselves of this option, it is best to discuss it first, so there’s no surprise in the end result.

Though I haven’t had the pleasure of trying it, cruise ships are also a great place to go to celebrate a divorce. If the divorce is amicable, you can even go on the cruise with your ex spouse. This has in fact occurred in the past, where a divorced couple go on a cruise, and after mixing alcohol into the celebration, make the same mistake, and get remarried. Those situations aren’t that bad because they create another reason to cruise the next time they divorce.

Celebrating your children’s graduations with the gift of a cruise is another excellent idea. The generosity of such a gift is rarely overlooked. I do however recommend doing so for early graduations, like kindergarden or  elementary school, because doing so for things like college graduations (where the children are old enough to legally consume alcohol) easily drive up the total costs of your gift.

If you do it when they are younger, you can remind them for years, while they are growing up, how generous you were with their graduation gift.

A celebratory cruise upon retirement is an exceptional option as well. After all those years of working hard you’re finally able to treat yourself to relaxing, romantic, and adventure traveling, all in one wonderful package; a cruise.  It’s a particularly good reason to cruise if ,after all the other celebratory cruises I’ve mentioned previously, you have any money left. You’re celebrating surviving all the other “life events” without going broke.

– A View From the Kuki Side of Cruising –

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