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Wowed By Technology

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Just the other day I had 3 guys with a big truck come to my house to cart away my 65 ” rear projection cabinet television, that must have weighed 400 lbs.

As I sat on my front deck watching them struggle to get this monstrosity through the front door, I thought about how technology has changed all our lives, in such a short time. And it has changed my life in incredible ways despite the fact I am technologically challenged

I also thought…what a dummy I was, as at one time I had paid over $6000 just to have a huge television.

At the time, anything under 140 characters was graffiti on the sides of buildings, or in greeting cards.

It may come as somewhat of a surprise that someone who has been writing for an Internet based web site for 15 years doesn’t know a thing about the technology. But, I was after-all, concentrating my efforts on writing about one topic – cruising. I was provided access to the software which allowed me to do my job with minimal knowledge of the technological aspects of it, and I went on my merry way, writing my thoughts about cruising.

At the time most of the cruise lines didn’t even have a web page. And if they did, they were most basic in both nature and function. From booking to onboard schedules and activities every aspect was compartmentalized, and had a paper trail done at least in triplicate. Even onboard ships, communications between the ships and their home offices were done through radio rooms, and eventually faxes. And I’m not talking about ancient history here, but only 15 or so years ago.

On my very first cruise, I recall, there was not even a telephone in our cabin. Today, pretty much every cabin is equipped with it’s own direct Wi-Fi service, and pretty much ever passenger has their own device with them to use for access.

Yes, today, like the majority of folks I carry a tablet, and my smart phone when cruising. I can be in constant communication with the rest of the world from almost anywhere in the world . Though at home I do still have a rotary dial phone (that likely anyone born in the 21st century wouldn’t be able to figure out how it works).

I honestly don’t lament and pine for the “old days” or the “old ways”. Technological advances has made it simpler and more efficient for all of us, including cruise lines and passengers.  Everything from communication, organization, planning and onboard life has been made as easy as if on land. And no doubt these things will continue to advance. Later this year Royal Caribbean is bringing out Quantum of the Seas, which they are calling a “smart ship””. The implication, of course, is that the ship is going to change your cruise life as much as your  smart phone did your life on land.

It all WOWS and amazes me!  Why, just the other day a 20 something pointed out to me that thanks to Apple, we no longer have to take our cell phones out of our pocket to see what time it is. Now if you’ve got the new iWatch you just have to look at your wrist.

And I was recently told by a “techie” that soon the tech companies will be coming out with eye  wear that will allow you to see the people around you,  complete with a device attached to your  eyes (the iBrain), which initiates a series of actions through your lips, allowing you to talk to them too.

– A View From The Kuki Side of Cruising –

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