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Things You Can Do Right

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Over my years at CruiseMates I’ve written many advice columns about how you, and your attitude, contribute to how well you enjoy your cruise experience.

This week I thought I would attempt to get to some of the very basics that will help lay a foundation for a successful cruise.

#1 – The most important matter to deal with to assure yourself a great time is to actually book a cruise. It’s very easy to talk about going, and dream about going, but to best contribute to your enjoying it is to actually book one.

#2 – Once #1 is dealt with, it’s important to get to the ship before it sails. Probably of equal importance is making sure you get to the right ship. That involves knowing where the ship sails from and the name of the ship. Planning ahead for issues like transportation to the port city, and to the port is essential to making it all happen.

#3 – Make certain you have documentation complete, and having identification with you to get onboard is also essential. Having someone else’s identification with you, will only lead to disappointment. Before you leave for your cruise, look in the mirror and the picture on your identification to verify it is you. Have anyone traveling with you do the same.

#4 – If you have found any of the advice offered in numbers 1,2 & 3 helpful you probably won’t make it onboard the ship anyhow.  However, if you do, one of the most important things to insure having a good cruise is to find the correct cabin.  This can get a bit tricky for some, as the cabin numbers are not printed on the cabin keys they give you. But, somewhere in your documentation the cabin number will be listed.  Check your identification against your documentation to make certain it’s you, then you can ask the staff for assistance in finding your cabin.

Once again, if you’ve found any of the advice offered helpful, don’t rely on simply asking staff for directions to your cabin. There’s little doubt that trek won’t be successful.  Request a staff member lead you to the correct cabin.

#5 – Once you’ve unpacked, and are ready to leave the cabin to check out the ship, or go to dinner, etc. You can’t get out through the bathroom, or the closet. Just ignore the Do Not Disturb sign hanging on the door, and exit that way.

#6 – I have to admit, even after multiple cruises, I find it easy to get lost onboard. But, there is some good news in this regard. Unlike on land in a big city, whichever direction you go when leaving your cabin, you can only go as far as the ship extends in any direction. You will be forced to turn around much sooner than if you were in a city.

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