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See What Ship Fits

It’s likely that you’ve never tried on the underwear of a neighbor or friend (unless you’re a 12 or 13 year old girl). It’s also unlikely that you would think your friend’s favorite outfit would be perfect for you. But, it’s surprising just how many people will choose to cruise on a cruise line, or […]

Can You Lose Your Cruise Lust

It probably makes perfect sense that I love cruising. For 14 years I’ve been avidly following the industry, and writing about it for CruiseMates. Like many others who love cruising, almost as soon as I returned from a cruise, I was looking for the next one, if in fact I didn’t already have several more […]

The Dumbest Way To Try And Save Money

To state it simply, one cannot predict when or where an event calamitous to your life, or that of a family member, can occur. Yet, for  a much too large percentage of people planning a cruise, making the choice to save money in their cruise budget by not purchasing travel insurance is far too common. The […]

Brand Ambassadors

Almost a decade ago Carnival created a new position; naming their Senior Cruise Director, John Heald, Brand Ambassador. John is incredibly popular, and he and his team maintain a strong presence with his popular blog, as well as his Facebook page. In the time since John’s appointment as Brand Ambassador, as the use of the Internet […]

Lobster, Lobster Everywhere!

There was a time when “lobster night” in the dining room was considered by many to be THE night to dine in the dining room on a cruise ship. To be honest, to me, they were just bottom-dwelling crustaceans, and pretty ugly looking things too. But to many cruisers lobster night was the top of the […]

Golf Camp Cruising

Years ago you could hit golf balls off of the stern of the ship into the sea. That’s no longer available. But, coming in 2015 golfers will be able to cruise while getting golf instruction from Jim Maclean, one of the world’s most acclaimed teachers in the game. Golfers (like me) are obsessive and compulsive […]

Dynamic Dining Issues

Just a few weeks ago, in this space, I wrote about Royal Caribbean’s announcement of the “Dynamic Dining” programs which were going to be introduced on their upcoming new ships, Quantum and Anthem of the Seas. In that blog I theorized “Dynamic Dining” would be the next step toward the eventual disappearance of the “traditional”  large cruise […]

Who’s A Cruise Expert

It amazes me how so many people can tell you exactly how many cruises they’ve been on. While they may not be able to tell you the birth-dates of their children, they can tell you how many cruises, which ships, and what type of cabin they had on each – sometimes, even recite the various […]

Cruising’s Intoxicating Moments

While every type of business depends on repeat business, I believe there are few with a loyal customer base as cruising. On virtually every sailing of every ship, there are hundreds and hundreds of people who’ve cruised before; at least several times; often many times.’ Fact is, it is very infrequent occurrence that passengers disembark […]

Restaurant Row

Right off the bat, let’s make it clear, this piece is not talking about how you’re going to have to row to help power the ship, while you’re dining. In pretty much every city in the world, there are “restaurant rows”; streets, or blocks of an area, where one can virtually go door to door to many different […]