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Is Cruise Value a Negative Factor?

Is the fact that cruising is a top vacation value now a negative factor? Throughout the history of CruiseMates we have encouraged people to use travel agents to book their cruises, and we still say this is the best way to go. But a recent series of cruise world events has made it harder for […]

The Anti-Cruise Campaign is a Stinker

I recently saw U.K.-based late night talk show with a host named Graham Norton. The show’s format was different from U.S. talk shows; it featured a sequence of taped celebrity interviews from different nights, but all edited together to look like one continuous show. I watched at least two-dozen segments with very big stars and […]

Giving Kevin Sheehan Credit

What Cruise Lines Don’t Want You to Know

The allegations that cruise ship employees are paid “slave wages” come up all the time, and it never fails to astound me how brazenly some people will misrepresent the truth in order to create a sensationalized “news” story. It reminds of the true story of Meg Whitman who admitted to paying her illegal immigrant housekeeper […]

Cruising is Coming back

The recent spate of bad luck for the cruise industry is finally starting to turn around. Cruisers are coming back to their favorite pastime, and the cruise lines are reporting better than expected profits once again. The most recent Carnival Corp. earnings statement just released this week shows that cruise bookings are picking up significantly […]

Eastern Med Cruises for 2013 – Bargains?

When travel agents come together they primarily discuss the psychology of you – cruise consumers. So, when a consortium of travel agents came together in Carlsbad, California, last week to discuss to state of cruising a good part of their discussion centered on what is happening right now, and what they think will happen next […]

Responses to Silly Cruise Questions

For the record – I don’t personally think there are any “stupid cruise questions.” Sometimes a person has certain information she really needs to know. But most of us in the industry are aware of a famous “stupid cruise questions” list that gets repeated on almost every cruise, mostly for the benefit of the people […]

Dan Hanrahan Leaving Celebrity

I don’t know anything about Dan Hanrahan. As the president of Celebrity Cruises he never once introduced himself to me, although I we have both been on several Celebrity ships at the same time, me being there to write articles for this web site as well as another major news channel web site that has […]

John Kerry’s Office Refutes ICV Allegations

The “International Cruise Victims” are up in arms again because of the final state of the new “Cruise Safety Act of 2012.” Before the bill was passed in its final form the FBI and the Coast Guard requested specific changes having to do with reporting crimes on ships. The bill was originally written to mandate […]

More Harassing the Cruise industry

Carnival Triumph was seized by order of a federal magistrate on Saturday citing a lawsuit filed by the family of Siglinde Stumpf, a German tourist who died aboard the Costa Concordia in January when the ship ran aground in Italy. The order was signed by U.S. Magistrate Judge John Froeschner of Galveston who wrote “The […]