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Final Report On The Carnival Splendor Fire

Carnival responds to the official Coast Guard report on the Splendor fire. In November 2010 a fire aboard Carnival Splendor left the ship adrift in the Pacific Ocean. The ship suffered a complete loss of power, requiring emergency assistance from the Coast Guard, and the United States Navy by way of an aircraft carrier being […]

Doing A Back-to-Back: When One Cruise Isn’t Enough

I have done many cruises over the years, going to many places, but one thing I had never done was consecutive cruises – more commonly called a ‘back-to-back’ or simply ‘B2B’. This is a fairly common thing among older, retired cruisers who have the luxury of time go on two, three, perhaps even four consecutive […]

Allure of the Seas – Status Check

I just returned from a seven-night cruise aboard Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas. Although I knew what to expect from having taken Oasis of the Seas, I was still excited as I approached the pier and could barely wait to get onboard. For any ship to evoke such emotions in an experienced cruiser like me […]

Carnival Splendor Fire: Troubling Revelations

By David Beers – Editor CruiseReviews: Shortly after the Carnival Splendor fire and subsequent journey back to port under tugboat power I wrote this article which praised the crew, the actions of the ship’s Captain, and the calm and steady presence of Senior Cruise Director John Heald.  However, new information indicates the actions of the […]

Has The TSA Crossed The Line?

[By David Beers – CruiseReviews Editor] By now everyone has heard various accounts of the new ‘enhanced’ pat-downs and advanced imaging technology (AIT) being used by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration.   This is obviously a polarizing topic with lots of passion on both sides of the story. Let me begin with my opinion: I think […]

Fire At Sea – Every Sailors Worst Nightmare

Fire is the worst thing that can happen aboard a ship. The crew trains constantly for this event, hoping to never face a worst case scenario.

Norwegian Epic “Un-Freestyle” Update

Last week I posted an article which discussed some shortcomings of the Norwegian Epic’s show venues and reservations system.  Shortly after it was posted NCL contacted me about some errors and omissions. I forgot to list the Howl At The Moon dueling piano show,  the Martini bar pianist, evening atrium band and movies, and also […]

Norwegian Epic – The Most “Un-Freestyle” Ship?

By David Beers [editor: CruiseReviews] – It’s been two months since Norwegian Epic debuted with the expected media fanfare. The ship sailed triumphantly into New York City to pick up the media and other guests – but the media cruise was limited to just two nights and one full day. All of the media activities were […]

Royal Caribbean Website Woes: Trials & Tribulations Of A Frustrated Crown & Anchor Member

By Dave Beers (CruiseReviews Editor) — Let’s begin by saying the frustrated Crown & Anchor member is yours truly.  This article didn’t start out that way.  It was about a reader who had repeated problems with her cruise history vanishing from Royal Caribbean’s website, but her problem magically got fixed two days ago and somehow […]

Did You Really Get A Cabin Upgrade?

By Dave Beers (CruiseReviews Editor) – So you just booked your first cruise and they are giving you a two category upgrade!  You got a great deal, right?  Well maybe not.  Indeed, it is likely you were lured by a lofty and largely meaningless sales gimmick. I have long been bothered by the misuse and […]