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Free Air

In this Blog last week my topic was positive changes I’ve been seeing in the way cruise lines have been improving their Air/Sea departments. This week one part that isn’t positive, and it makes me kookie… We often see various cruise line’s advertising promoting “Free Air”. Last week, Mrs. Kuki noticed an ad next to my blog [...]

Cruise Air Making A Comeback

In the way way back history (whatever that means), booking your air transportation and your cruise with the cruise line was a pretty good idea, and pretty common. The cruise lines had contracts with some of the major airlines, and their offered pricing for the air portion of your travel was quite competitive as well. In the mid [...]

Are Ship Libraries Wasted Space?

Even as cruise ships grow larger and larger, they are still individual structures, with a finite amount of space. During the  design stages those involved in the process have to find ways to fit all the required and desired areas – accommodations, restaurants and dining areas, entertainment venues, recreational areas, pool areas, relaxation areas, spas, shopping, galleys [...]

Be Realistic With Cruise Budgets

People’s spending habits can vary dramatically, so it is, of course, impossible to specifically quantify a budget that will apply to every individual. Rather, in this article I’ll try and include a list, including all the actual and mandatory expenses, along with the incidental expenses you’re likely to encounter, and the optional expenditures you may [...]

Cruising Takes Skill

The uninitiated think, when compared to other forms of travel and vacation, cruising requires no skill. I could just say they were right. But then I’d have to come up with a new topic for this week’s Blog. It is possible to book, then go on a cruise, and likely enjoy the experience, with no skills; giving little thought to [...]

Are The Cruise Lines Forgetting We “Older Folks”?

At one time the most important base passenger demographic for the major cruise lines were the “older folks”.  Of course, at that time I was (or considered myself ) not in that category. Today I’m a card carrying member of AARP, and pretty much qualify for every definition of being an “old fuddy duddy”. Me and other proud [...]

Cruise Thinking

Take normal, reasonable, clear thinking individuals; wait until they are booked or going on a cruise, and their mind almost automatically take a turn. Cruise thinking takes over from reason and rational. Even their vocabulary changes and adjusts. They suddenly start talking in cruise lingo in reference to pretty much any topic. If someone books a flight [...]

Choosing A Cruise – Part 2

Today’s cruise world has truly gone global. If there’s a significant body of water, these days it seems some sort of cruise vessel is sailing upon it. In my view there’s really three types of cruises – the travel cruise; the adventure/exploration cruise; and the pleasure cruise. While there are some features or amenities which cross-over amongst [...]

Choosing Your Cruise

There have quite literally been thousands of articles written with advice about how to choose a cruise. That’s due to several factors; the evolution and continual changes within the cruise industry;  the broadening appeal and size of the cruise audience; and the fact there is really no “right” answer. When attempting to offer useful advice to an [...]

Is It Nickel & Diming, Or Is It Math?

In recent years a very common complaint is that the cruise lines are ”nickel and diming” their customers. People generally just aren’t happy when they find there are so many “extras” to be paid for in addition to their cruise fare. The philosophy of businesses, and even governments, to user pay practices is not a new one. Sales taxes [...]