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Nigerian Scam Comes To Cruising

Over the years, I’m sure most everyone has received emails  from purported lawyers , offering large amounts of money from wealthy business people, or inheritances from unknown, long lost relatives. These have generally come to be referred to as Nigerian email scams. There have been all sorts of various take offs on these scams, and now I’m happy to [...]

No Guarantee Of A Seaworthy Vessel

To be clear, and up front, it’s plainly obvious that I am an an avid cruise enthusiast. I think cruising is the best vacation experience available. It combines vacation, travel, entertainment, and adventure, all quite inexpensively. And I do believe the vast majority of sailings are safe, and incidents and issues are indeed very rare. [...]

Cruising Social

Unless you are cruising with a group of family members, an affinity group, or participating in a themed cruise, the social life of the ship is not likely your first consideration when choosing a cruise. Nor do I think it’s one of the top things cruise line executives and advertising agencies consider when planning ships and [...]

Tethered To Technology

There is no question that our global society has been dramatically altered by advancements in technology, that continue to change almost daily. One of the fastest growing industries these days is creating “apps” for smart phones. Today there are young people who have grown up without ever knowing what a land line telephone was, other than an [...]

Trust And Mistrust

A short while back the big story in the news was the “revelation” of the U.S. government “spying” on the heads of state of various nations around the world, as well as people “of interest” around the world. In the news all of this is referred to as a result of the actions of James [...]

Customer’s Top Complaints – Customers

Admittedly the cruise industry reputation has taken a hit the last year or so with several high profile incidents; from the sadly tragic Costa Concordia (where 32 lives were lost, and the Captain is currently on trial), to mechanical breakdowns that left ships adrift. I’m certainly not trying to diminish the seriousness of these incidents, [...]

Unique Golf Opportunity

There are some people who play golf only occasionally, and there are certainly those think golf is simply a total waste of time. But there is a significant number of people, who like me, are addicted to playing the  game. I like it because it’s a game you don’t have to really excel at to enjoy. [...]

Dining Options Are Now #1

The very first “alternate” restaurant on board a ship that I recall hearing about was in 2000, just prior to the arrival of the Costa Atlantica into the United States. At the time I was aghast, when I learned they would be charging an extra fee for those who wanted to dine there. At that time [...]

Cruise With Only a Backpack

In the late 1990s when I cruised several times a year, or more, I had to take along two 27″ suitcases, as well as at least 2 carry-ons, and Mrs. Kuki would drag along the same. Our bags were so over filled it was crucial that we buy luggage on wheels or we’d have had to [...]

Free Air

In this Blog last week my topic was positive changes I’ve been seeing in the way cruise lines have been improving their Air/Sea departments. This week one part that isn’t positive, and it makes me kookie… We often see various cruise line’s advertising promoting “Free Air”. Last week, Mrs. Kuki noticed an ad next to my blog [...]